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Building automated experiences

Use our APIs to create new and exciting interactions on Twitter.

Build outside the box, but within our policies

Our Automation Policy provides clarity to the many kinds of automation that are allowed. Before you start automating any activities on Twitter, please get familiar with it.

All the tools you need

Whether you're using Tweets or Direct Messages, our public APIs have everything you need to get started.

New tools are coming!

New developer tools to create automated experiences in Direct Messages are in private beta. We are currently accepting applications for access.

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Featured automated experiences


"What brings you to @evernotehelps today?" When someone enters a Direct Message with Evernote, they are prompted to pick one of four options to help route their request. Human agents can then more quickly and easily answer questions -- so customers can get back to capturing, nuturing and sharing ideas.

Pizza Hut

Not to be too cheesy but, imagine clicking on a few buttons and a pizza gets made and delivered. Pizza Hut has made that a reality on Twitter where people can order from a selection of their favorites and choose how to get it.

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