Accept new follower requests -forbidden?

@jenNstarqueen Jennifer D

Help! Why can't I accept new follower requests on my ipad? Says forbidden.

1 year 14 weeks ago


@thebhoymark Mark Sweeney

Same issue for me any ideas? Frustrating

1 year 14 weeks ago
@smithcharlied Charlie Smith

I have the same problem, using the latest version of the iPad twitter app, my profile is protected from new followers and when I get follower requests, when I select the tick arrow to approve, it comes up with a x and forbidden, why? Sort this out twitter, please, I end up having to log in via web to approve follower requests.

1 year 13 weeks ago
@steinslong Steins Photography

Getting this same problem... I've been in contact with Twitter helpdesk and none their suggestions worked. Strange thing is that it's OK on my iPhone, just not on my iPad.

The helpdesk have asked me to delete the Twitter app, clear Safari's cache, remove my Twitter account from the list. I did all three individually and in different combinations... none worked.

1 year 12 weeks ago
@alresalat مصدر مسئول

Same here twitter via web works fine
Btw I'm using ipad mini and twitter for ipad

1 year 12 weeks ago
@fredsm fredsm

Me too

1 year 11 weeks ago
@skiadas_d Dimitris Sk

Same here! Via web it's fine.

1 year 11 weeks ago
@Woodstoc45 Catherine Fleming

Same here!!!!! Very frustrating, only just joined beginning to wonder why now as its flawed on iPad and iPod! Sort it out thanks

1 year 7 weeks ago
@TropicFoxOne Tropic Fox One

Yep mine too. Twitter won't allow me to follow any new people. Very annoying

1 year 6 weeks ago
@aslansamsunlu55 hülya hanife şahin

1 year 6 weeks ago
@benryder657 ben ryder

Me too. Any answer please?

1 year 5 weeks ago
@ellahughes3211 Ella Hughes

Log onto twitter via the iPad Internet and it works :-)

1 year 5 weeks ago
@bugfuzz61 Rick Long

Same problem. Works fine on iPhone and web, just not on the iPad.

1 year 4 weeks ago
@pierredalain Pierre Dalain

Same problem on my iPad. Work great on my iPhone.

1 year 1 week ago
@OhNaturalAroma Pamela S. Gomez

@Support Has there been a fix for iPads as yet.

52 weeks 19 hours ago
@KevLFC5 KevLFC5

Me too, works on laptop, but every time on ipd just say "forbidden"... SORT IT OUT WILL YA!!!

51 weeks 6 days ago
@DonLindseyAAA Don Lindsey AAA TN

I'll add my vote to sorting it out ... and to the comment that it works on the iPhone but not the iPad.

47 weeks 22 hours ago
@haveacow James Soffe

Same, it's very annoying. Hope it can be sorted out on the iPad Twitter App soon.

47 weeks 1 hour ago
@GeeDerekgee Derek Gee

I do have the same problem! I only have 4 followers and it sucks!

43 weeks 6 days ago
@MrGobz Bill Goble

I've been having the same issue and twitter support has been worthless.

43 weeks 5 days ago
@N_jannath_xox Naemajannath

yh i have been having this problem to. i had 54 new request followers but it wouldn't let me accept them. its really annoying

43 weeks 3 days ago
@KaleidoscopEyz GrlwKaleidoscopEyes

Here, too! What is going on and why hasn't anyone responded with an answer?! I'm THIS CLOSE to deleting the twitter app on both my iPad and iPhone!

40 weeks 2 days ago
@LauLaughs Laura

I'm having the same problem with my ipad. Why is the twit ignoring this issue?

40 weeks 1 day ago
@LauLaughs Laura

I was able to add followers through my android and then I see them on the ipad. Ridiculous

40 weeks 1 day ago
@sekondaH Sekonda Huet

Please some official word on this asinine situation.

39 weeks 3 days ago
@OrionTallica Orion

Same problem. Thread was started 27 weeks ago with no reply. Lame.

38 weeks 5 days ago
@IanJ_FTW Ian James

I'm having the same issue why has there not been a response yet, this is ridiculous!

37 weeks 1 day ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

This is not a support forum for users. If you'd like support with some aspect of your account or the Twitter service, you'll need to use

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with this issue here.

37 weeks 1 day ago
@ChocoCrisp13 クリスタル

I had the same problem.
I installed puffin browser off the App Store. If you use the twitter in there, you can accept the offers.
(I'm using the free version of puffin, it's works ok)

36 weeks 6 days ago
@ArunaArjoon Aruna Arjoon

It won't let me login into the web it was fine yesterday but now it's not also it says forbidden on my iPad app for twitter when I accept followers

36 weeks 5 days ago
@RayTeems rayteems

Cannot accept followers. Forbidden pops up. What's the fix for this

36 weeks 2 days ago
@PatVPeters Pat Peters

Twitter is not even showing the bar for requests even tho I get a bar at the top saying someone has requested to follow me. Fix please. There seems to be a lot of problems with this. Thanks

36 weeks 2 days ago
@thefstar1 The fstar

i just realise that each time i want to accept new follower,it shows no entries atall. Just too bad for me as an artist.

23 weeks 6 days ago
@thefstar1 The fstar

Each time i want to accept my followers request,it will show forbidden. Just too bad for me. Thanks

23 weeks 6 days ago
@HLunarVentura Hazel Lunar Ventura

mine's a little bit different. i don't get any error, when i accept a request, it'll display an "accepted" message. but on my follower, still the same number and when i go back to requests, the Accept or decline buttons are there again. Like i didn't accepted it at all! tried it on my laptop and iphone, deleted cache and stuff.

and I've read through this thread and realized that the Twitter support team seems sitting there, watching us whine about this problem and they don't even dare resolve the issue

23 weeks 5 days ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

How do I get support for my account, the Twitter website, or Twitter for my mobile device?

The Twitter Help Center is the ideal location for getting support with your Twitter account, the Twitter website, or Twitter for your mobile device. If you have feature requests, ideas, or complaints about the Twitter service, you should direct them via DM to @support or use the forms available to you on the Help Center. We can't help with general product support issues on

23 weeks 5 days ago