Twitter Background Image Upload Error

@TenSixClub Ten Six Club

I am unable to upload a picture to my twitter page background. I have tried many sizes and file formats and I get the same odd error message over & over again: "Your image was too big. Your file was not an image. Your file was not an image." Help?

1 year 13 weeks ago


@polymorpheous Polymorpheous

I have a similar issue without the error catch. The image simply doesn't turn up in the back ground.

1 year 13 weeks ago
@ChuckBaggett Chuck Baggett

Similar problem as @polymorpheous. The image seems to upload. Sometimes it shows as tiled, like it should, prior to saving, othertimes not. When you save, it always fails to display the uploaded image, instead displaying the default. Been doing this a month or so now.

18 weeks 3 days ago
@BeersoftheBurgh Beers of the Burgh


10 weeks 4 days ago