Tweeting your photo timed out

@BuyBuyBetter BuyBuyBetter

Can anyone help to resolve "Tweeting your photo timed out" problem?

1 year 8 weeks ago


@rachella rachella

This is becoming v. annoying I've tried Safari and Firefox but it doesn't work on either.

1 year 5 weeks ago
@Joieparent Joie Dunham Parent

I am a professional model and actor. This is causing me to lose buisness and followers. We really would like either an explanation or a solution.

1 year 4 weeks ago
@eekahil eekahil

I can't post photos but status update issue #261 says it is fixed.
No. No it is not.

1 year 3 weeks ago
@elbowsymmetry Zenobia Azeem

Dear Twitter developers, I've been having the same problems for the last three weeks. Every time I try to upload a picture it times out. I've tried using Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome, but all three have the same result.

Is it possible to fix this?

51 weeks 9 hours ago
@zwakeling achterlijkste vuil

ik ben de achterlijkste domste zwakeling op twitter

50 weeks 6 days ago
@sarah_wley intikam - الانتقام

Hi, I have got in trouble with uploading photos to my stream. Each time trying to do see this error: "Tweeting your photo timed out". how can i fix this problem

46 weeks 5 days ago
@sgafurdubemks syamsi gafur

Alhamdulillah, I also experienced the same thing can not upload pictures on twitter, it turns a good photo size to upload is less than 100 Kb. should be first uploaded on Facebook, then open the picture, after it was deposited dikomputer with the original file name of an existing web (1043936_10200206495504967_2013399492_n example), and then uploaded on twitter .... good luck

42 weeks 2 days ago
@rastamami_ Melissa Sajona

I cannot tweet with an image attachment. Why?

39 weeks 3 days ago
@jheimitch Michelle Joy Cerdeña

Why i cant upload a picture on twitter!!!!??????? HELP ME PLEASE

39 weeks 3 days ago
@RaLuxottica Cucinelli Vie Zee_Ra

Why I can't tweet with photo ?! It's make me fed up.

26 weeks 3 days ago
@Housemartin65 Becky Martin

I can't add tweets with images at all. It just says it's timed out. Very annoying as this is for my new business. The upload of the image is fine, although I've even reduced the size to 350kb to see if that made any difference but it didn't. My internet connection is not a slow one either. Please help! Thanks

26 weeks 1 day ago
@MFDLimited MainFrame

Can't tweet photos either. No problems via mobile app from phone on same wifi network as computer but I need to upload from the laptop. File sizes are all within Twitter limits and are jpg. This is getting very annoying now, I need this for my business!!!!!

24 weeks 2 days ago
@johnmears10 john mears

My photos timed out.If twitter is blocking because they cant handle it,why don't they tell us.Come on twitter tell us why ?

17 weeks 6 days ago
@Chensshine so done

Whenever I tweet a photo, it always says "tweeting a photo timed out" Please fix this problem for us.

17 weeks 4 days ago
@Man_of_oak Man_of_Oak

I am having problems tweeting photos from my picture gallery on my laptop. I have tried Google Chrome and Firefox and the results are negative. I am doing it correctly because it previously worked (a couple of months ago). Despite leaving lots of comments for Twitter help, I am not getting assistance. I am very disappointed in this. I suspect there is an unresolved technical issue; but it would help to get some sort of feedback. I understand it might be better from a phone, but it would be good to have this confirmed; currently, I only have my laptop. I feel very sorry for the folk on here for whom photo tweeting is essential.

15 weeks 2 days ago
@toomanypenguin David Jones

There's no pattern or reason to it. It just happens every so often when you least want it to. And it will happen again whatever browser or device you use. Even with cut down images sizes. I don't think twitter are at all bothered, so get used to it. Get used to it and welcome to the world of twitter.

15 weeks 2 days ago
@Man_of_oak Man_of_Oak

Thanks....It now happens all the the time so that I have now given up trying, apart from a test very occasionally. I suppose almost all the photos on Twitter are from phones. I am surprised that Twitter cannot even be bothered to comment, or admit to problems. I will probably de-twitter soon and get on with something more constructive!

15 weeks 1 day ago
@CrystalMoonDrop Ali's Marla Ao

Opps! i tweetted myself to a fustrating tweet it seems.Whole day i could onlymanage to upload only one picture .Hmmm! I came in searching for a solution but i am going out without any help.Hope it will resolve soon though. Best of luck twitter team.

11 weeks 9 hours ago
@gpj Gareth Paul Jones

This could be a photo_size_limit issue. You can find more information on the photo size limit can be found @

2 weeks 1 day ago