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@johnhenryo john-henry opperman

Can I Create A custom Twitter Search Query and get that as an RSS feed

2 years 31 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

GET search supports ATOM but not RSS -- most RSS feed readers, however, can also read ATOM feeds so you're probably good to go.

If you were searching for a term like "candy" your query might look like:

2 years 31 weeks ago
@memeshift Morgan Sully

Ha! I go looking for a way to bring someone's Twitter Feed into a site (via RSS) and I find Taylor hereanswering the question. Thanks! I'm building this right now:

2 years 29 weeks ago
@10games Online Browser-Gamer

or simple rss

2 years 29 weeks ago
@La_ModaPlus Gemma

There is so much great information here. Thanks to you all for teaching me something new.

2 years 17 weeks ago


2 years 13 weeks ago
@JeriVespoli Jeri Vespoli

Great, but how about adding search codes like near: and within:, or hashtags (%23)?

2 years 10 weeks ago
@SipraKalyanpuri Sipra Kalyanpuri


1 year 30 weeks ago
@sqlman101 Shashank Pawar

How can you use the to get beyond just the 15 posts - is there any way to increase this?, and also specify some times to say get me the last 10 minutes of posts for certain hash tags?

2 years 1 week ago
@shlomo76 shlomo76

my rss feed

1 year 39 weeks ago
@pixsied pixsy

User timeline, Twitter search, and user favorite RSS feeds can now be generated with Pixsy using the following commands:

Twitter Search Feed:
.twitter -rss [enter search term(s)]

Twitter User Timeline Feed:
.twitter -rss-u [enter Twitter user]

Twitter User Favorites Feed:
.twitter -rss-f [enter Twitter user]

This generates encoded URL's that you can enter into your feed reader. Hope that this helps! You can find Pixsy at

1 year 35 weeks ago
@pixsied pixsy

These Pixsy commands no longer work after the Twitter API 1.1 changes. Please see my post below for a new approach if you are looking for these RSS feeds.


41 weeks 5 days ago
@NBerkUlusoy Berk Ulusoy


1 year 16 weeks ago
@artservis Artservice

One can also just add .atom to search (as @episod answered), and use %20 instead of empty space so <br/>
usual search: developers<br/>
would look like: developers
Search operators are supported too.

1 year 14 weeks ago
@JonPaulLawrence Jonathan Lawrence

is there RSS for Lists?

1 year 5 weeks ago
@redm5954 randall redmon

i am unable to follow any users is there anyway i can upgrade

1 year 5 weeks ago
@schmjdt Andrew Schmidt

using the rss url is there a way i can customize the output so that i see the twitter handle somewhere?, instead in the author you get (full name)

would love to find a way to pull title and author in a @username fashion

1 year 1 week ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

I would recommend just staying away from our RSS feeds -- they've been deprecated and will cease functioning on May 7, 2013.

1 year 1 week ago
@pixsied pixsy

Tweetledee supports realtime Twitter user timeline, home timeline, user favorites, and tweet search feeds. It works after the Twitter API 1.1 changes that eliminated support for RSS feeds.

It is free, MIT licensed and available on GitHub for users with access to a server with PHP. Much more information is available in the documentation:

Hope that it helps.


41 weeks 5 days ago
@Married2Gaming Married2Gaming

Thanks, works great!

36 weeks 3 days ago
@James_gordon2 James_gordon


@episod Taylor Singletary

Can you tell me how to try that? because if I Try your sample :

The Result is Error or Try another API. I need the Rss to use on Feed burner.

  1. <errors>
  2.    <error code="68">
  3.        The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.  
  4.     </error>
  5. </errors>

Please Help to Fix this?


24 weeks 3 days ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

RSS is no longer a response format served by the API and the API version that did support it (v1) is no longer active. You'll need to use API v1.1's search/tweets method which only responds in JSON and requires OAuth 1.0A or app-only auth to connect to.

24 weeks 2 days ago

Here you can create your twitter rss feed

17 weeks 2 days ago
@mvmontoto Manolo VM

When I publish the script and try to make some RSS, feedburner and other tools show me an error, because the URL returns a lot of code instead of a RSS...

14 weeks 1 day ago
@TommyChristanto Tommy Christanto

try to use twitterOAuth by Abraham Williams -

6 weeks 2 days ago
@justingoldberg Justin Goldberg

The twitter JSON api 1.1 should output a json file, which Yahoo Pipes! can then convert to RSS, but I haven't confirmed this.

4 weeks 3 days ago
@Nareswarraja Nareswar Raja

Please help my twitter account rss feed

5 days 4 hours ago