how can I resolve the Pincode issue after login in twittre through my android application .

@payaljain32 Payal

I have created an android application for twitter,after clicking my application I will go the next page that is login page,After entering the Username and Passsword It will redirect something PINCODE Page For aurthorization.What I ahve to do for it.It is new change's in Twitter.So How can I resolve it

Thank you

2 years 31 weeks ago


@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

You're using out of band mode:
"out of band mode - Instead of providing a URL-based callback when acquiring a request token, 'oob' is supplied. Once the user has given Twitter their account credentials, they are presented with a screen containing a PIN code and are asked to enter this code into the application. The application then sends this PIN as an oauth_verifier to the access token step to complete the exchange."

So either have the user copy the PIN into your app and forward that as oauth_verifier to, or change the value from "oob" to a callback URL under your control, which will be passed an oauth_verifier value you can forward for an access token.

2 years 30 weeks ago
@albert_magret Albert Magret Garcia

well but i dont know how i can return to my app and how I have to write the pin on editText? cant you help me please

1 year 25 weeks ago
@sumeetguha sumeet

Hi Kurrik, i am unable to get your second approach, where you said to change the value from "oob" to a callback URL under our control, i am slightly confuse in its implementation. can you please share a link where i can get the steps to implement it in my code, or it will also benificial for me if you can provide code snippet from your side.
I am looking hopefully for a quick reply from your side.
Thanks in advance.

2 years 25 weeks ago
@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

Well is there a specific language you'd want a code sample in, or will anything do? Personally, I prefer go, so here's a library which does OAuth signing:

The place you'd change the configuration would be while initializing the Twitter client object (see the line which says CallbackURL):

  1. service := &oauth1a.Service{
  2.     RequestURL:   "",
  3.     AuthorizeURL: "",
  4.     AccessURL:    "",
  5.     ClientConfig: &oauth1a.ClientConfig{
  6.         ConsumerKey:    "<your Twitter consumer key>",
  7.         ConsumerSecret: "<your Twitter consumer secret>",
  8.         CallbackURL:    "<your Twitter callback URL>",
  9.     },
  10.     Signer: new(oauth1a.HmacSha1Signer),
  11. }
2 years 25 weeks ago
@vincenttang0304 VincentTang

I set oauth_callback to "oob" when I developed my twitter client, but I found I cannot get PIN code after sending api.
I just received some html message from returned http body (no PIN code info).
As a result, I cannot get access token...
I try to find some solution in internet, and some said can change callbackURL to other url. But I don't think its a good way because I want to develop for mobile application.
I did not see any "PIN code" screen when I first use my twitter app (Android), neither input any "PIN code".
So does anyone know how they make it?

Thank you

2 years 22 weeks ago
@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

What do you mean "sending"? Are you opening up a web browser and directing the user to that URL, or just trying to fetch it yourself?

2 years 22 weeks ago
@vincenttang0304 VincentTang

Thanks for your quick response.
I just try to fetch it by myself because it seems to be strange for user to see the PIN code screen and input it to my app.
When I tried official twitter app (IOS and Android), I can log in directly without entering PIN code.
Is it possible to do so?

2 years 22 weeks ago
@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

You need to direct the user through the PIN flow - that's the whole point. If you don't want to do that, then consider using the redirect flow with a web view and following the redirects from inside your app.

2 years 22 weeks ago
@Policeradarapp Policeradar

omg can it be more confusing ?

1 year 51 weeks ago
@ifkya1957gh Kofi Yeboah_Agyemang

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1 year 25 weeks ago
@AlaaAttya Alaa&#039; attya

so i there another way to get authorized without using that PIN ?!!

1 year 22 weeks ago
@NikunjKacha Hilarious Quotes

how to work CallbackURL or use CallbackURL using c# make twitter client

1 year 1 week ago
@KonstantinBisar Konstantin Bisarenko

omg can it be more confusing ?

Absolutely agree!

45 weeks 5 days ago
@KonstantinBisar Konstantin Bisarenko

The answer was under field "Callback URL": "To restrict your application from using callbacks, leave this field blank." Just leave it blank for some time. (update settings twice - it doesn't take changes from the first attempt)

45 weeks 5 days ago
@anbarasuandroid anbarasu

Friends, To use application without callback url, you will given pin. You should use pin number likewise,
Now Your Application is authorized

30 weeks 21 hours ago
@anandkrsh5 anandhakrishnan

I want to get user profile data from my twitter to android application. how to i do it?

8 weeks 5 days ago
@TrinityMbility trinity2traffic

Thanks all;

I am not able to get PIN from callback url,

My calback url is

so from that how i wl get my PIN ???

Plz help me .

3 weeks 6 days ago