my account said code 403 suspended but twitter says its not, help please

@GRUB_RUB BBQRubTieDyeAprons

Yesterday I signed up for another Twitter account, today it says code 403 account suspended. I filed reinstatement form and Twitter emails back saying my account is not suspended. What do I do?? Help

49 weeks 4 days ago


@zwakeling achterlijkste vuil

reset eens je wachtwoord

49 weeks 3 days ago
@GRUB_RUB BBQRubTieDyeAprons

Thanks man but I don't speak your language

49 weeks 3 days ago

i get notifications saying my account is suspended but the email says its not too

45 weeks 3 days ago
@PogMoThoin13 Irish boy

I have the same problem: they keep sending me emails saying my account is not suspended but if I try to tweet anything, I get error code 403- account suspended. How are we supposed to fix this if there is no customer support PHONE NUMBER to call??

34 weeks 3 days ago
@kaylabrooke321 kayla sammons ♡

Im having the same problem right now, did anyone figure out how to fix this, if so can you please help me?

12 weeks 4 days ago