How to get a Hacked account back?

@vac_dancer Vanessa

I have been trying to get help from Twitter Support on how to get a hacked account back (We_Are_Girls). @littlebitch44 hacked my account and I know because she was tweeting the same things on both accounts and she said she is glad she took the account. When she hacked it she changed the email associated with it. I am unable to reset the password cause now my email is no longer tied with the account. Twitter has done a horrible job communicating with me and helping me. If the process doesn't hurry up I wont be able to get the account back. She deactivated it this morning and from everything I'm reading a takes a very long time for you to get your account back. I only have month. PLEASE HELP ME

45 weeks 2 hours ago


@truebe Sloth Pope


Unfortunately we can't help with account issues here. Your best bet is to contact @support at and file a ticket with their support forms. There is nothing we can do for you via this forum to help.

Twitter Platform Operations

42 weeks 5 days ago
@harringtondani Dani Harrington

That's not the best bet because they don't read about your issue, they just assume you don't know how to do a normal password reset. It's completely unfair and a waste of time. They do not care about your account and it made me lose all respect for this company.

36 weeks 4 days ago
@880VOLTS TWEET KA सौदागर

Wanted to reatain all my followers and followings after suspension

9 weeks 3 days ago
@880VOLTS TWEET KA सौदागर

How much time will it takes to get my followers and following back on my twitter account after suspension ?

9 weeks 3 days ago
@J4CKMULL Jack Mull

My account @J4CKMULL got hacked around a week ago and the only response I've had back from twitter support was an email asking if I have tried to reset the password... Clearly the email and @ name has been changed to @HaiFuckedYoGirl, I have proof that the account is mine yet twitter support seem to not want to help me get it back in the slightest.

9 weeks 3 days ago