Twitter says my account is not suspended when it is?

@AidanGee2 Aidan Gee

Hello there, i got suspended for aggressive following but it was my first time so all i had to do was fill out the captcha and promise not to do it again, however the account is still suspended as it says it when i log in, however when i send support a message to appeal the suspension they always reply with:

"If you're writing in about being suspended, this account is not currently suspended"

Even though it is :confused:

What the do i do? Thank you so much to anyone that could help me!


Account is @AidanGee1

43 weeks 4 days ago


@kaylabrooke321 kayla sammons ♡

Hey i know this is random but how did you fix this problem? Im having the same problem right now, my account is suspended but when i file a ticket it says its not suspended. I really need help if you can please :(

12 weeks 2 days ago
@AidanGee1 Aidan.

Hey, i'm so glad i found out how to fix it haha,

Here's what you do:
1. Login
2. Go to your account settings
3. Change your email address to something else
4. Should now be fixed (you can then change your email back if you want)

I think all this does is refresh your account :)

Hope i helped

12 weeks 2 days ago