Problems on host

@kmitska Yasin Ozansoy

Hey people,

I'm trying to connect my application which is on my server and domain to the twitter api, but it always fails.
I get an error message on the console which says "500 - Internal server error". I realized that my software is working on localhost problemless but online it doesn't any more - it returns 500.
Another tipp: I'm testing my application on a subdomain - is that maybe the problem?

Yasin Ozansoy

35 weeks 3 days ago


@clivealive99 Clive

Check your HTaccess file as these are a common cause of 500 errors.

35 weeks 3 days ago
@kmitska Yasin Ozansoy

Well, I think you mean .htaccess file right? I copied them all from local to the server and as I said: everything is working fine on localhost.

Or did you mean something different? clivealive99

35 weeks 2 days ago