How to use Twitter API 1.1 in JavaScript code, by passing oAuth authentication on the client-side.

@saravan68005674 saravanan

I'm developing SharePoint Hosted APP in that i need to use javascript(Client Side Scripting) only. In previous version 1.0 i can get the data using client side scripting but now in the twitter search API version 1.1 they using some authentication. So that we need register in the twitter site and then get consumer key etc. using this we need to code in server side script and consume the data from the API.

For my application can't support server side scripting.
Is it possible to use Twitter API 1.1 in JavaScript code, bypassing oAuth authentication on the client-side

27 weeks 5 days ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

It's generally not possible to securely make authenticated requests to Twitter in client-side Javascript. API v1.1 no longer supports unauthenticated requests.

27 weeks 5 days ago
@rajbir2222 Rajbir

how we can authenticate use javascript Code ?

12 weeks 5 days ago