How to recover twitter account due to problem with temporary password

@EmilianoCarFr_ Emiliano Carrillo

Hi, i've lost my Twitter account's access (@EmilianoCarFr). I can't log in either in Twitter's app for iPhone or in PC. Also I changed my password 3 times. Also in my iPhone app I can't log in, it asks me to create a temporary password at I just can't find a way to create that temporal password. I hope I can get a solution for this problem, I really need to access to my account, thank you.

24 weeks 2 days ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

How do I get support for my account, the Twitter website, or Twitter for my mobile device?

The Twitter Help Center is the ideal location for getting support with your Twitter account, the Twitter website, or Twitter for your mobile device. If you have feature requests, ideas, or complaints about the Twitter service, you should direct them via DM to @support or use the forms available to you on the Help Center. We can't help with general product support issues on

24 weeks 2 days ago
@JstnBltzr Justine Baltazar

i cant access my account @JstnBltzr dor no reason ???? i hope i can get solution for these problem cause i have to do something important.

16 weeks 4 days ago