My Account has been hacked

@MoMCards MoMCards


i'm using my dev account since this week-end in order to integrate timeline on my new website.
But this one has been hacked this night arround 22:54 GMT+1

I've receipt this mail in my linked account mail box :

"Salut, MoMCards

Vous avez récemment changé l'adresse email associée à votre compte Twitter (@MoMCards).
Pour confirmer votre nouvel email de contact, veuillez suivre le lien dans le message de confirmation envoyé à cette adresse.

Si vous n'avez pas demandé ce changement et pensez que votre compte à été piraté, contactez le support Twitter en cliquant sur ce lien

L'Équipe Twitter"

(Yes i'm french, but it's a standard twitter mail)

I was connected on this twitter side so i can currently still us it here. But can't connect on the frontside.
Password and e-mail has been changed.

Current mail looks be :

It's not mine.

I've try the form to notify for an hacked account, but your bot tell that mail don't match... Really ? You don't say -_-

Any twitter staff's member could help me ?

12 weeks 3 hours ago


@MoMCards MoMCards

I forget to give you my old mail which was initially linked to this account :
It still working... And you can contact me on it.

11 weeks 6 days ago
@MoMCards MoMCards


11 weeks 3 days ago
@MoMCards MoMCards

Solved by mrzelner
Ty to him

11 weeks 1 day ago