Inactive Usernames

@LenKendall Len Kendall

I would really like to see a revamp of Twitter's policies on inactive usernames. In my opinion, if a username hasn't been used in 6 months, I think it should automatically be made available to the public. Unlike domain names, which people pay for, common twitter handles have been scooped up because of the lack of monetary investment needed to maintain them. Twitter is able to purge unused accounts over time, but I haven't seen it happening very often. Automating this process is the way to go.

SOLUTION (And here's how twitter can make a few million dollars in a week)

  1. Twitter should take control of all usernames that have been inactive for 1 year.
  2. Auction off the names over the course of a week or two. Highest bidder gets the rights to the name.
  3. Let's assume (conservatively) there are 1,000,000 user names people would be willing to pay for. Let's also assume the average bid for these names would be 10 dollars.
  4. Put rules in place barring resale, and only allowing one user name to be bought per twitter user (only allow people with X number of followers to buy to ensure they are a credible party).
  5. Easy Money. Happy customers.


2 years 40 weeks ago


@eCommerceCircle Menachem Ani

I can see a service popping up that will auto tweet something every 6 months to keep a username active.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@LenKendall Len Kendall

I can see that as well, but I think such a tool would not get used by the masses. My concern is that the usernames of individuals who aren't actively trying to retain their handles are still not being cleared.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@PGSportsCT PG Sports

I want @PGSports the guy doesnt use his account

2 years 2 weeks ago
@YogaHap Prayoga Harryputra

I really want @prayoga ...
The account has not tweeted yet

1 year 31 weeks ago
@ItsFridayCraiig Click Here

i really want @mistercap this persons account hasnt even tweeted

1 year 18 weeks ago
@iKennydian Kenny Jojishi

I want the name @kennydian the person is really inactive and has no tweets whatsoever.

49 weeks 3 days ago
@GameZino GameZino

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41 weeks 2 days ago
@dbashyal Damodar Bashyal

you are right. that means new jobs will be created just because of 1 new rule :)

1 year 20 weeks ago
@JBinero Jeroen Bollen

I think he means an automated service with that... :P

47 weeks 3 days ago
@GameZino GameZino

I would like to hire a Developer to create a Twitter application. Contact me on Twitter @gamezino

41 weeks 2 days ago
@nwjerseyliz Liz Pullen

I know that I've been checking for my own username and the account has been inactive for about 3 years.

I think it would be fair if a notice was sent after a year of inactivity, the person was given a week or 30 days to reactivate the account and if no response, make those accounts available to other users to claim.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@jasoncosta Jason Costa

Thanks for the feedback, Len.

We don't currently accommodate individual requests for inactive or suspended usernames. We may release all inactive and/or suspended usernames at some point, though we haven't set a date for doing so.

Twitter can only transfer usernames under our trademark policy ( ). If you're writing on behalf of a trademarked brand, you can file a new ticket for our policy team to review.

You can file a ticket here:

2 years 40 weeks ago
@laravisuals David Lara

What if you own the domain, but the twitter handle is taken but hasn't been used/active for more than a few years?

For example, I own the domain (my photography business) but the twitter handle @laraphoto is registered but not in use since Dec 08.

Is there a process where you can request a release of such name due to the length of time the account has been inactive?

2 years 39 weeks ago
@gfxmuma GFX MUMA

Hi, I am @gfxmuma and i would like to have the username @muma which has not been used from 2007. I have been waiting for it to be free up from a long time. I am getting irritated because I've been asking for this request from a long time now. Don't think it's fair, this person only has ONE TWEET. Please help.

2 years 22 weeks ago
@folklovemusic Folklove

I'm in the same boat.. user with folklove has not tweeted since 2009 and again only has one tweet.

2 years 11 weeks ago
@feccruz feccruz

Cada dia uma experiência nova. Cada dia podemos fazer algo novo e ampliar as nossas experiências. Não existe limites para onde queremos chegar. Determine suas metas e lute para alcançá-las.

1 year 33 weeks ago
@FrankDenbow Frank Denbow

This is just not true. I've seen this done before.

2 years 8 weeks ago

yes it's true, in 2010 they were releasing names if you asked them and it was inactive over 8+ months...seems to have changed

1 year 51 weeks ago

It's been more than a year now. This uncertainty is really unsettling.

1 year 35 weeks ago
@_gosia Maggie Foggin

I have done that, trademarked 4 categories, got a quick response from Twitter saying it will happen, followed by another one saying Twitter cannot see the reason to get my handle regardless of the trademark violation.
The person currently using it tweets almost annually yet a legitimate company with over 5000 Facebook users cannot get their proper handle on Twitter, which really puts me off building a community there. And no, I do not want to add underscore or anything like this.
My desired AND trademarked handle would be @frostbox if you guys decide to help me out.

1 year 29 weeks ago
@izakheld Izak Held

I did the same thing!
i provided my trademark to twitter to a user who has been inactive for a year and a half now. And twitter still hasn't given it over.

1 year 29 weeks ago
@judestull Jude Stull


1 year 10 weeks ago
@CoreyMaran21 Corey Maranville

i want to have my username as my full name but its been taken by someone named Wilhemina Veltz they have never tweeted and that not fair cause it MY name

1 year 8 weeks ago
@LenKendall Len Kendall

Jason thanks for the reply. I have inquired with folks on your end many times about securing an unused Twitter handle and gotten the same response as you offered.

I appreciate that you guys can't accommodate all the individual requests that come through since that would take a while. I just hope that at some point, you create a more automated process.

I may investigate getting a trademark for the username I'm looking for, but considering it will cost around $500, it's a bit of a risk since I don't know for sure that Twitter will release the name in question.

At some point it would be great if Twitter creates an automated processes that flushes unused Twitter handles after a certain length of time. I created this thread to give people a place to make suggestions in that vain.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@jasoncosta Jason Costa

The kind of automated process you mention is definitely something we can consider. The thing that's also important to note is that, just because an account does not tweet does not necessarily mean that it is an inactive account. There are a variety of other use cases to consider in which the account owner may just use the account to listen or consume tweets, they may be an application owner and manage the application of the account, and so on. We take all of these things into account when investigating the activity of an account.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@radimusprime kenric...

yes, I agree that there may be use cases where someone is simply using twitter to consume content and not necessarily create it, but in some cases (such as the username i'd like to secure) there are no followers, no content being written or followed -- it truly seems like an inactive account. i'd love for a way to have that username released (to me) :)

2 years 40 weeks ago
@goboxless Andrew Davis


2 years 34 weeks ago
@radimusprime kenric...

pinging this thread again. It's been 14 weeks since I wrote and a few of us posted directly to @Jack's tweet about features / issues we'd like resolved. Any news at all on this?


2 years 25 weeks ago
@RodrigoPolo Rodrigo ϟ Polo


1 year 47 weeks ago
@MaureenaHart Maureen Hartnett

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I am NOT a software developer, just check this area out. I'd like to get that @Anywhere and a tween button on my site that discretely says follow me. Can someone at Twitter help me?

Also, can I have photos posted on my Home page? I mean my individual photos, instead of Twitters suggestions, no offence, There's certainly enough space to have a double row of photos and the other stuff can just move down.
I know this probably isn't one of your normal practices, but don't know where else to turn? Thanks!
MaureenaHart or call me at 773-244-8004

2 years 26 weeks ago
@feccruz feccruz

Estamos sempre disponível.

1 year 33 weeks ago
@walropodes walropodes

What about accounts that have been suspended for some time, do you know of any way of getting those names since it's completely certain that no-one uses it?

2 years 25 weeks ago
@eXentricOne D@viD

I would like to have @iDavid I mean the guy even got a new Twitter account and posted it on his profile, can you guys release it? Please!!! On this profile he posts in Spanish about his new account: "mi nuevo twitter: @dvdwebz" He has no followings and only 6 followers... release @iDavid pls... I already los @David which I was trying to get for a long time... can you notify me? Reply to this msg or something, plssssssssssss

2 years 20 weeks ago
@AdhamAbozaeid Adham Abozaeid

@jasoncosta There might be more signs for inactive accounts rather than twitting. Some accounts are barely following no one, tweeted nothing, and nobody is following them. So, most probably they haven't even signed in to their account.
To be fair and square, the automated process can send a warning e-mail to the inactive user, informing him that he have been inactive for x months, and that his account name will be retrieved if he didn't respond in x weeks.
Fair enough, right?

2 years 8 weeks ago
@PhilChard Phlynt Phlossy™

Hello Jason.

I understand your reasons for not deleting accounts based on various use cases. What about an instance where the account has one tweet from 2010, does not follow anyone, nor have any followers, does not subscribe to any lists & has not created of their own?

Is there any way an organization that wants to use a twitter username that is already taken can request the Twitter team email the individual who owns the account informing them that another party is requesting the use of their account & seeing if they are willing to change it?

I understand there are a plethora of privacy concerns involved here , hence my request for Twitter to act as an intermediary of sorts.

49 weeks 3 days ago
@VBritneycom V-Britney

Hello, I would like to acquire a User name that is currently inactive. I wonder if Twitter could help me with this issue?

2 years 40 weeks ago
@LenKendall Len Kendall

Please read the thread above. I started this discussion to offer suggestions and feedback to Twitter to streamline the inactive username process.

2 years 40 weeks ago
@walshybhoy Séan Walsh

I really wish Twitter would do something with this, it's top on my wishlist. Nearly every name that I try to go for is held by an inactive account. Really difficult for somebody like me who works in the social media industry but constantly misses tweets because of the name. My own fault for not adopting earlier I guess.

Please purge the dead accounts Twitter!

2 years 40 weeks ago
@nichelijah Elijah Nicholas

Its quite disturbing when your desired User name is not available yet another person is not using it. Could there be a mechanism of informing the people on the dormancy of their accounts

2 years 40 weeks ago
@YaYaRevolution Wendy Gilbert

Agreed, there needs to be a system whereby after a period of inactivity (perhaps a year), that the username is released. An automated system would be the best.

2 years 39 weeks ago
@GavinLangendoen Gavin Langendoen

This is growing problem with all online services, inactive accounts taking space/usernames and I can't think of a company that takes the issue seriously for something that in my mind is quite easy to resolve.

I'd like to a see all services take up an automated 12 month rule, with a reminder sent on the 9th, 10th & 11th month before finally archiving the account data and releasing the username.

1 year 41 weeks ago
@RekoMe RekoMe KogniTek

Huh even if there is well regulated policy my case takes over a week and it stopped after mail that I can use username which I selected. Sent mail with username to replace and no changes and news:/

2 years 38 weeks ago
@BearBhamra Jazz

hopefully twitter releases the inactive usernames soon, i've been interested in getting a certain twitter handle that hasn't tweeted or had any activity in the last 2 years, but anyways, hopefully twitter releases inactive usernames like that very soon

2 years 37 weeks ago
@Kozeeman Kozan Huseyin

@jasoncosta. Twitter needs to address this as soon as possible please. I'm sure Twitter used to free up unused accounts on requests in the past. When did you change policy?

I also agree with David Lara above. I own the domains and I'm trying to start my own business.

I already have @savoirmen and would really like the userrname @savoirman too. But it is taken.

However, it's never been used. No tweets, no followers, no following, no favourites and the default user picture. Was registered back in Dec 2009.

I made a request but was told that twitter is "unable to accommodate individual requests for inactive or suspended usernames" as you have already stated. So why give this option under your help center page?

Such inactive and unused accounts should be freed up after 6-12 months like everyone else has said. By all means - notify the registered email user that if they don't use the account then it will be released into the public domain within 30 days as suggested.

I'd really like some help and guidance in this matter please.

2 years 35 weeks ago

I absolutely agree it should be automated, or at least if you request a name and it has been inactive for X amount of time you should be able to have access to it. I wanted the account name @coleydoom since i joined twitter, once i found out that was unavailable I thought I would use the name @ColeyG which also happened to be taken. So i resorted to @Coley_G, unfortunately if you are someone trying to promote yourself or want a name that's easy to remember, having underscores and numbers make it difficult and look un-official and unappealing. If twitter wants to continue to be popular and evolve as a social networking site it needs to find a way around this issue. In this day and age of upcoming use of networking sites and how fast they come and go I think it's important for this and many other issues to be solved so twitter can stay viable. Because I love twitter.

2 years 34 weeks ago
@SirPrimoO Sergio Starr

I don't even think I can have "uber" on my name cause of @Twitter App "UberSocial." But if the process of releasing inactive usernames happens sooner than later, I'd love twitter forever and ever and I'd be more than happy to change my username!

2 years 27 weeks ago
@anwar115 Anwar

There are a lot of dead twitter account without any activity. But as per @jasoncosta , there are some rare cases. so you can forward a mail to those twitter account about inactivity, After that you can consider about the termination of those twitter account.

2 years 27 weeks ago
@jesse_sebastian Jesse Sebastian


2 years 27 weeks ago
@DarthFos Trevor Foster

Definitely agree there should be a system to release inactive accounts after a set period. The account I'm interested in has zero activity and the only follower it has posted a single tweet in March 2009 that says "learning about twitter" and then nothing (the two accounts follow each other so definitely dead accounts).

2 years 27 weeks ago
@thehotiron Mike Maddaloni

How about a PAID service where you can buy an inactive account? As Twitter is a business, they must have metrics on the cost of doing so, and it would be another way for Twitter to show the world it's making money.

Of course some may say this would lead to more people creating accounts, and in all business there is some percentage of fraud, but overall this makes sense. As I am sure many people who are looking for these accounts are businesses or brands, it makes sense to have a price, as it is going to cost someone anyway.


2 years 27 weeks ago