how can i unRetweet statuses?

@pakeryang yangxiangjun

i wrote a program by Twitter Rest API ,and it seems it haven't provided Resource URL to unRetweet ,how can I unRetweet statues after retweet it ? thanks .

2 years 27 weeks ago


@jcarty Jerome Carty

Use the following:

Just pass the id of the tweet returned after your retweet.

2 years 27 weeks ago
@edent Terence Eden

You have to delete the tweet.

2 years 27 weeks ago
@Bronte_deVere Bronte.deVere

help me? i need help too and i dont understand what @jcarty said. @edent how do i delete the other persons tweet i RT'd from my profile ? x

2 years 7 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

If you're trying to unretweet something on the website, it's made into a metaphor for you. Just find the retweet on your own profile page and hover over it. Where it says "retweeted" you can click to unretweet.

2 years 7 weeks ago