IE popup blocker blocking tweet when using the intents events API and bind function.

@stevedumais steve dumais

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Twitter intents events API, along with the bind function, as described here: In non-IE browsers, it works fine, but in IE the popup blocker blocks the tweet.

Note that this only happens when using

I've set up a test page to reproduce this at:

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?



2 years 40 weeks ago


@TvdW Tom van der Woerdt

Yep, I've seen the issue in Firefox - trying to open an intent in a new tab always causes the popup blocker to block it. Example: the user intent you get when you @-mention a name. (@tvdw <-- right mouse click it and click open in a new tab).

I don't know whether these are related or not.

2 years 40 weeks ago