How to get tweets of multiple users

@udaythanks Uday Kumar

Dear Sir/Mam,

Please give me steps to find out tweets of multiple user at the same time.

2 years 21 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

There are a number of ways to go about obtaining tweets from multiple users. One way would be to add the users to a list and then ask for the list timeline for that list. However, the canonical way to obtain tweets using the REST API for a specific user is the user_timeline, which allows for a single user per request. Take a look at the docs for user_timeline: GET statuses/user_timeline.

2 years 20 weeks ago
@sonanaren Narendran Srinivasan


I am using this REST API query to get the user feeds where i am not using any identity (OAuth), but i am able to receive the feeds of any user. I would like to get two users tweet using the above query, can i have the syntax or API reference for the same.


2 years 2 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

You can only request a single user timeline per API call. You could build a Twitter list containing multiple users if you'd like an aggregated timeline, or make the multiple requests and blend the timelines yourself.

2 years 2 weeks ago
@AshwinDamji Ashwinkumar

I want to send private message from iPhone device on Twitter

1 year 48 weeks ago
@SikandarAmla Sikandar Amla

Has anything changed now? Is there a simple way to fetch tweets from multiple accounts?

37 weeks 4 hours ago