how to get email from twitter user using OAuthTokens

@SantiRamis Santi Ramis

how to get email from twitter user using OAuthTokens

2 years 19 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

The API won't return an email address to you. If you're interested in a user's email address, you'll have to ask the user for it within your own application as a completely distinct act.

2 years 19 weeks ago
@fchristant fchristant

Are there any plans to support the requesting of the email of the user in the future?

I know it's currently a distinct act, but that's a royal pain. It means developers have to build a lot of facilities for each application (set email address, activate it, change it), and the biggest problem: making sure the activation email survives the complicated mine field that is the spam filters of several email services, each behaving differently.

Other popular signin APIs, like that of Facebook and Google, do support asking for the user's email as a seperate permission. Given the pain of building this ourselves, and given that we want to provide a consistent signin experience (for those apps allowing multiple login methods), I think there's a strong case for this in the Twitter API, in the end it's a user choice to allow it or not.

What do you think? Any plans to include this?

2 years 18 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

There are no plans at this time to include it.

Both Facebook and Google are predicated on actual identity -- email address makes a lot of sense there. Twitter is less firmly attached to real-world identity -- once could say the email address associated with an account is more of a formality than anything else, not a piece of information that's necessarily attached to the identity of the account or its owner.

2 years 18 weeks ago
@mexicotom Thomas

And yet every Twitter account has an email address attached to it, and Twitter knows if it's been verified or not. The 'identity' argument seems pedantic. It's a fact that OAuth is used by most sites primarily as a means to register/login users based on trusted third parties like Facebook and Google.

A simple change to Twitter's OAuth procedures to allow the user to share their email address would mean a ton of sites would start putting Twitter in front of a bunch of eyeballs.

It seems like pure insanity to me that Twitter would go this route.

Even if I view this through the lens I use to view Twitter's other seemingly-crazy decisions – like kicking third-party client developers squarely in the nuts – I cannot make heads nor tails of it. At least that decision I can understand, if you realize that Twitter's goal is to control how people view Twitter, so they can control ad views.

But this? Makes. No. Sense.

Most sites out there that want to support registration right now are going to offer Facebook and Google, but not Twitter, because we don't want to deal with requesting/validating email ourselves, nor put our users through the headache of doing it for yet another service. It just creates another barrier to entry.

1 year 7 weeks ago
@MichaelDeMutis Michael DeMutis

I completely agree with @mexicotom
I am not able to use a "Login With Twitter" on my website because the one piece of information I need to verify is the users email address. Otherwise I have nothing to compare my own records to. A user authenticates that they have a twitter account, so what, I can't check that against anything. Login with Twitter is thus meaningless. Twitter just wants to be like that for the sake of being like that. They dont want users to be able to log into your site with Twitter.

1 year 2 weeks ago
@MichaelDeMutis Michael DeMutis

Login with Twitter is useless without an email being provided. There needs to be something to compare against your own database. Most all login systems have an email address and a password. Some have a separate user ID, but the cornerstone is still the email address and I see no reason for them not to include it in their authorization system!

1 year 2 weeks ago
@FMaz008 Francois Francois

Yup, I was just working on implementation a Twitter login, then realize it would not return an email address... So I can't compare that login and control double account creation ( 1 per email address ), so it's worthless.

Twitter login will not be implemented. Will only be possible to link a twitter account if a facebook, google or custom account was made created prior to use any twitter features.

As for the "twitter is not linked to identity", well email address either. I don't see why providing an email address would be considered as linking an entity to a twitter account.

You know how many emails I have ? Lots. Yet, believe it or not, I'm just a single human.

10 weeks 5 days ago
@sislamoglu Selcuk Islamoglu

This is a sad problem especially for my website logins. This is the solem reason why I don't put "Login with Twitter" among Facebook, Windows Live and Google Logins. I need my website users to be real, not some spammer account who has not got an email verified and checkable. No, I don't really care if they are real Identities, I just want a human is controlling them after they register. I don't send emails to my users but it is yet another way for a controlled enviroment.

If I just put "Login with Twitter" and request email on my application, that would be "Login Twitter" -> Go check your email -> Verify it first to "register".. Even though it is possible, much longer process and not different than normal login... Also since they will be unverified member, I will not store their profile picture also.

Also I can not be sure if the same email used for registration to Twitter to prevent double registration etc.

It's too much pain, add Oauth 1.0 registration pains instead of Oauth 2.0 "code" queries, its definitely raises question "worth the effort?"

Would be sweet if email_verified and email sections in API ofcourse with permission of user on Authentication dialog...

2 years 12 weeks ago
@tanderegg tanderegg

Perhaps twitter could supply a hash of the user's password, which could then be checked against existing the hash of emails belonging to existing accounts. This would at least solve that part of the problem (identifying users who login in multiple ways).

2 years 2 days ago
@bikashpal2008 Bikash

how can i do that?

1 year 11 weeks ago
@tanderegg tanderegg

Sorry, I meant "hash of the user's email"

2 years 2 days ago
@seetharama Seetharama Durbha

I like your suggestion, it kind of solves the uniqueness limbo, but it still leaves the sites with a separate process to get user's email - and then get it verified too.
Why cannot Twitter do what FB does - just ask the user if they are willing to share the email or not?

1 year 50 weeks ago
@me_simply_bj BIjay Baniya

I agree With @seetharama-->" Why cannot Twitter do what FB does - just ask the user if they are willing to share the email or not?"

1 year 49 weeks ago
@omarescos romario de souza

What's the point of allowing a user to Sign into a webapp using twitter if you can't even have his email address.
In my opinion the main point of any "Signin process" is to get the user's email address.
All Saas based services need email to communicate with their users.
In that case it's better to 'force' users to fill a classic Sign up form than logging in with twitter.

1 year 49 weeks ago
@ferhatozkanun Ferhat Özkanun

I agree with @omarescos. Much sites want to communicate users by email. Also I agree with @sislamoglu. Web has fulled out spammer or fake account. So we need to understand which type of user trying to signup/signin.

Also I removed "signin with twitter" from our sites.

47 weeks 5 days ago
@ensayofr Alfonso Fenandez

Pure stupidity not allowing this feature... They could say this from the very beginning instead of making developpers losing time!!

1 year 46 weeks ago
@snehal5385 Snehal Thube

Yes, obviously what's the point to have a single sign on using twitter if we are not going to get user email address, in case if we would like to communicate with user after he logs in to my website :(

1 year 45 weeks ago
@slowecoach Slowecoach

Very dissapointed about this - it will probably be a deal breaker for us regarding integration, and we'll end up supporting only Google and Facebook.

1 year 39 weeks ago
@dark_sun_ Ali Qanavatian

i put twitter out of my login support.
that's what we have to do.

1 year 37 weeks ago
@pdmehta25 Parul Mehta

without email address access, I too have to take out twitter integration.

1 year 37 weeks ago
@AnsaryAnsu Ansary Ansu

I dont know why they are providing this facility with out permission to access the user mail....twitter.....can you hear me????

1 year 37 weeks ago
@PrimalFuturist Christian Elssner

How have developers solved the problem of someone creating an account through normal sign in procedures (not through OAuth) and then that same individual signing in with Facebook (and the Facebook account is using a different e-mail address from the e-mail address they originally signed up the account with) Wouldn't that then create duplicate accounts creating the same problem with the Twitter OAuth API?

1 year 36 weeks ago
@plansomething Plan Something

Like many others we require email as it's the only common notification system across oAuth providers.

Please could we get an extended permission to return an email address like all of the other providers do (Facebook, Live, Yahoo)?

We're going to have to go out of our way to code an additional page and bother the user to type in their email on Twitter auth otherwise. This will put our Twitter integration back a little (and probably lower conversion rates when authorising with Twitter).

Many thanks,
Tom Gallagher

1 year 35 weeks ago
@ifkya1957gh Kofi Yeboah_Agyemang

It is not a problem with those trying to hack, but a problem with the service providers and others who claim they have made it and are yet stealing from the down trodden. Let's leverage the internet world to make it a clean place to do business. The world is losing out just because of the greed of a few in the advanced countries. The social media is an individual issue and therefore any attempt to try to monopolise anything will trigger off;.

1 year 35 weeks ago
@Opel_Parts Opel Parts

1 day wasted integrating Twitter just to find out I have to ask the Twitter user to verify a twitter verified email adress! EPIC FAIL! :double_facepalm:

1 year 35 weeks ago
@CaerCam Charlie Merland

My case today. A complete evening wasted trying to develop a twitter login form for my forum. F it Twitter, you were already on the edge of evolution, I'll use Facebook and Google only from now on.

1 year 17 weeks ago
@francescopipita Francesco Pipita

I believe that adding one more application permission that grants access to the user's e-mail, can only simplify the life to developers and companies that wish to integrate their applications with Twitter.

During the sign-in with Twitter, If the end-user grants the access to its email address, then the process concludes successfully, else the third party application simply notifies the end-user that it has to grant access to its email for the process to conclude successfully.

Many applications require an email address to deliver important information to their users. If after signing with Twitter, they'll have yet to ask the user for a valid e-mail address which will have in turn to be someway confirmed, it becomes a mess! So, for such applications, the sign-in with Twitter, does not provide any advantage if compared to a classic registration.

Honestly, I don't see any reason why the end-user shouldn't be able to chose whether to share its email or not :)

Francesco Pipita

1 year 32 weeks ago
@oserra oscar serrano

I was about to integrate Twitter with my brand new app. Now that I see I cannot gather user email, I will left Twitter aside. I'll focus on FB and G+

1 year 31 weeks ago
@Kifffle Kifffle

Have to agree with everybody here... pity that Twitter doesn't provide a way to give our applications users email using "extended" permissions ...
Have also to review my own development in order to use only "sign in with" process that give me "verified" emails...


1 year 30 weeks ago
@fedmest Federico Mestrone

Very silly of Twitter to not provide an email address via the auth api. Every other provider does so. We will just remove twitter from the available options on our site. Shame!

1 year 29 weeks ago
@santanusoftdev santanu d sabata

how to get email from twitter user using OAuthTokens please replay me as soon as possible

1 year 28 weeks ago
@pstemper42 Paul Stemper

You cannot. Twitter does not allow you to get a user's email address.

1 year 28 weeks ago
@DamienKeitel Damien Keitel

o.O @twitter. I just wrote a big comment but erased it. Shaking my head thinking...Rookies. I would have thought after 3 years they would have implemented this.

1 year 28 weeks ago
@AtishGore Atish Gore

how to fetch user email address when the user is log in from twitter api using oauth token..if any answer please reply me...If there is another way to get email address please reply soon as possible..

1 year 28 weeks ago
@uniring Uni Ring

Uhm... ok, so 2 hours to integrate twitter connect to my site and i see that no email is returned. Time to change the button art to Google connect and point the oauth to that service... Nice one @twitter, ok, you said that twitter is not that "personal" but then do not provide a sign in with twitter service, call it like -connect to twitter only- service.

1 year 28 weeks ago
@josemutie Josεph mutiε

My goodness. How can the twitter API not allow the retrival of the emails? Is it sth hard for the Twitter Dev team to do?
I really wanted to use the email on my app coz i need to send a verification email to the person so that he/she can activate his/her account but it seems il forego the use of Twitter Oauth and stick with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Windows Live.

1 year 27 weeks ago
@cuishijie cuishijie

Faraway Chinese also need email from twitter

1 year 25 weeks ago

Damn you twitter. You are ruining my plans.

1 year 22 weeks ago
@4rsolutions 4R Solutions

How do I get email from Twitter api? I need as fast as possible to finish a project.

1 year 20 weeks ago
@fortycal_sig Elliott

Twitter folks- We're in the same boat as everyone else. We need the email address (w/ user permission, of course) to ensure unique accounts/logins, and also to complete the value-prop of the social login, which is to save our users the hassle of entering and verifying their email address yet again.

Please consider our pleas out here. :)


1 year 17 weeks ago
@travisjeffery travis jeffery

Another vote here to include emails, and like others I'm not including "Sign up/in with Twitter" because of this.

1 year 14 weeks ago
@JuanManuel_Rey JuanManuel_Rey

very angry...

1 year 13 weeks ago
@chersovani Sergio Chersovani

so any reply from the twitter dev team about the oauth email address???

1 year 12 weeks ago
@FredEatWorld Freddy

Too bad. I need email information (with user permission of course) but twitter not support it, from the developer side its very disappointed. Bye twitter.

1 year 12 weeks ago
@jurerick jur erick porras

we need email so we can fetch our user data from our database and then programmatically log in the user in our site.., BUT., cant fetch the user email of twitter during callback. our site is powered by magento. Solution: remove twitter login. Fu!@$#$

1 year 12 weeks ago
@witineo Witineo

I'm also considering if I must remove Twitter of the providers of my oAuth login process, or not.

Sorry Twitter, but I still can't understand why you don't provide that information as Facebook, Google, ... do.

1 year 11 weeks ago
@fro_oo François Pourrier

Please twitter api team... we know you can restore email in auth info.
A little bit of good will maybe..

1 year 11 weeks ago
@fro_oo François Pourrier

@episod "once could say the email address associated with an account is more of a formality than anything else, not a piece of information that's necessarily attached to the identity of the account or its owner."

No necessarily yes... but we assume that most of the time, it is matching with our apps users.

Let us choose, please!

1 year 11 weeks ago
@mannyvergel Manuel Vergel

Any update on this issue? Seems it's a basic feature request. I blogged about it.

1 year 10 weeks ago
@Rich_Curran Richard Curran

Obviously people stating "login with twitter" mean "register with twitter". The point still stands. I want to use Twitter for Authentication, unfortunately, all Twitter let's me do is Authorisation. Would Twitter let us see email addresses if we get our terminology correct?

Here's some info about it

It would be good if we can use this but obviously Twitter isn't going after the Authentication market.

1 year 10 weeks ago