What port number We have to open?

@deskmoon09 트위터 교통정보

What port number we have to open? The application information follows:

I have to install my twitter application on a server protected by an newtork firewall.
The applicaiton connects my twitter(twitter.com) and reads preodically the timeline.
The application uses twitter4j library.

Thank you

2 years 20 weeks ago


@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

If you can surf the web, then you should be fine. Twitter's API is built on HTTP, which operates on port 80 (outgoing).

2 years 19 weeks ago
@JJoeLee Joe Lee

Server firewall software configration supports only ip.
I think he want to know the ip range.

2 years 8 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

We don't disclose the range as it's subject to constant change.

2 years 8 weeks ago
@epicortest epicor test

have you find the answer Joe? there must be an IP range available. thanks

1 year 11 weeks ago