How to display tweets from multiple users, like the Twitter home page, for a single user

@graxbishop Grax Bishop

I'm trying to figure out how to get tweets from multiple users that a single user follows. I want something like the information that gets displays when a person logs into their Twitter home page.

My plan is to make a home page that has a textfield. The user types in any username, then submits. I can figure out how to get tweets from said username, but how do I get all the tweets from the people that the submitted user follows? That is the big question.

I want this to be updated every time a username is entered into the textfield.

Thanks in advance.

2 years 19 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

Right now there's no public API to accomplish this -- until such an API is available, the likely most scalable means to accomplish something like this would be to use the streaming API to follow the user_ids found in a specific user's friends/ids array -- which would stream you the public tweets by those users. You really wouldn't be able to do this for too many users though, and I don't think it would fit with the ad-hoc model you're suggesting.

There are other means to accomplish this, but they would take more API calls than would make sense -- you might be able to accomplish it if you required the visiting user to be authenticated with Twitter and then were making requests on their behalf, but the user would be very limited in how many users they could look up this way.

2 years 19 weeks ago
@oleynikd Denis O

Dear Taylor,

have something changed since your last reply? I need this feature too!

1 year 28 weeks ago
@ajadarti ajadarti

Dear Grax Bishop ,
Are you succes to recupper tweet for multiple users

43 weeks 5 days ago