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@FingerTipping Kelly J Carrington

Can one person have multiple Twitter accounts and how to do this?

2 years 18 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

Yes one person can have multiple Twitter accounts -- a Twitter account doesn't even necessarily need to be "owned" by a human being.

To create another account:
1. Log out of the Twitter website
2. Go to
3. Follow the procedure to create a new account; provide a unique email address & screen name & note your new password
4. You now have two Twitter accounts. Some Twitter applications support multiple accounts as well.

2 years 18 weeks ago

I'm having the same problem. I want a second account on Twitter. Every time I try to sign in, it takes me back to my account even if I'm signed out. What gives?


I tweet frequently.

32 weeks 4 days ago
@OulyS Ouly

I tried and it tells me that the email address is already registered

2 years 10 weeks ago
@YoungMumTales Elle Beere

Use another email address :)

1 year 39 weeks ago
@trainersonsite Robert Foster

My name is ____ above - lol.
My company name is - my handle, lol.
For company twitter account use company logo, company handle if possible (to switch?)
For personal account use headshot, personal handle (if possible to switch?)


1 year 29 weeks ago
@Offical_Mindy one direction

It doesn't work stupid

49 weeks 5 days ago
@LovesInNeed Victor Romeo


42 weeks 3 days ago
@CameronBlakeLa1 Texas Batman

Texas Bane

41 weeks 6 days ago
@lewkingonthebri Nice Butt Jim

my original account has now got lost

39 weeks 5 days ago
@RakibKalif MN_Kalif 17

probably because you havent signed in on that account in a while. Cuz Twitter has this strict 9 month absence. So if you havent been on it in a while they rename it so other people can use your username if they ironically have the same username as you.

39 weeks 15 hours ago
@Gareth245 Gareth Price

Gareth Price

37 weeks 1 day ago
@Destiny_Ellison ♥ 5 SOS ♥


33 weeks 4 days ago
@AstridSocial Astrid Bloemen

Trying to create a 2nd account but every time I log into Twitter, my account comes up automatically. How can I bypass this so I can create a 2nd account?

33 weeks 3 days ago
@cjmcguinness Charles McGuinness

Sign out

33 weeks 2 days ago

I'm having the same problem. I want a second account on Twitter. Every time I try to sign in, it takes me back to my account even if I'm signed out. What gives?


I tweet frequently.

32 weeks 5 days ago
@NewParkCinema Chichester Cinema

it does not allow you to use the same email address which is very frustrating as i don't want to have open another account.

31 weeks 1 day ago
@Michael39375907 Michael Brown

My original account is no longer responding. I cannot send Tweets anymore.
This all happened after I used CCleaner.
Should I open a new account?

30 weeks 2 days ago
@SayChicCom Suzanne Wangmann

I have set up a second account but having trouble switching between accounts on my iPhone. I keep getting the message: "Could not remove account".
I don't want to remove the account, I just want to sign out of one and into the other?
I tried downloading Twitter a second time but it just automatically take me to my original account.
Any suggestions?

22 weeks 2 days ago
@SteelWill456 Steelwill


20 weeks 4 days ago
@bnh_b BNH

Not sure if it's the same on the iPhone but on the ipad I was able to create a second account from the ipad 'settings'. Once created, I logged onto my first twitter account and selected the accounts icon ( image of two heads) located on the right and press the + button and off you go.

Hope this helps.


18 weeks 4 days ago
@Marissa18Wilson Marissa Wilson

I have set up a second account!!!!:)

13 weeks 2 days ago
@skaNmash skaNmash

Not sure why people have had difficulty with this but the majority of problems above are down to your browser cookies - they remember your log-in.
You can delete your cookies but that's a little drastic.
A very easy way is to access one account on 1 browser and another account on another browser eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. Each browser will save its own cookies.
The best way however is to use the twitter app on your phone which provides the ability to switch from one account to another.
If you wish to use just one browser, and prefer to set it up from that browser, just log-out and then create a new account from the home page. Do not login, as that will take you to your original account, but you will need to set up the additional account(s) with different email addresses.

12 weeks 1 day ago
@Lukaspiros Lukaspiros

Hi i want to delete my twitter account and make a new one,but i want to ask if i make a new one could i use the same "@" name that i have in my current account?

12 weeks 20 hours ago
@harborcrestgh Harbor Crest

Why can't a single developer have different developer accounts (i.e. doing the stupid phone activation thing) using the same phone number?

How can you expect web developers who create twitter accounts on behalf of their clients to be able to setup when we are restricted to using only 1 phone number?

8 weeks 5 days ago
@LinuxNewsSource Linux News Source

yea i need this too. How do I have multiple accounts all with their apis without different phone numbers?

8 weeks 5 days ago
@DanielDeMonte Daniel #15N +1m²

I have the same problem, I have 1 phone number, 2 Twitter accounts, and I need to create apps for every one of that.

7 weeks 6 days ago
@s_mcleod Mr Mondo

Why can't I create a second account (just for my blog) with my current email address?
I don't want to have to manage two email accounts just to get two twitter accounts.

4 weeks 3 days ago