Thumbnail from without Tweet Entities?

@reed Reed Morse

Is it possible to append/modify the URL to return a thumbnail? For example, yfrog et al let you modify the URL ( to return a thumbnail of the image. It would be great to do this with images, without having to rely on the Tweet Entities metadata.

2 years 16 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

Unfortunately not -- the image is associated with the tweet and cannot be disconnected from it -- the image is part of the tweet and the tweet is part of the image and they aren't meant to be separated from each other. The access model for the thumbnail reflects this relationship.

2 years 16 weeks ago
@Twicsy Twicsy

Twitter, you have thrown a serious monkey in the works with this stance on picture entities. You owe it to the dev community to provider a redirect service so we can convert a url to a thumb/picture.

1 year 49 weeks ago
@Twicsy Twicsy

Twitter, it looks like in an effort to fix the problem you have made it worse. It now appears you are attaching entities to copied retweets, but the problem is your are changing the URL when you do. So now we get a bunch of duplicate pics when you search for something on Twicsy. Please keep the URL the same. It also degrades your own search experience.

1 year 48 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

What value of the entities are you using to identify a unique link? The "expanded_url" from entities/urls is likely your best bet as it should remain constant between the incarnations.

1 year 48 weeks ago
@Twicsy Twicsy

Check out these two statuses:

They are derived from the same tweet. Under entities-> media you see that the display_url is different for each, but the actual media_url is the same.

It is a retweeted pic, but you changed the pic url, making it very difficult to group them. You are using the to simply mask your, but then you aren't reusing the url when someone else tweets the same pic. In short, you aren't doing it the same way as other pic sites, and it causes problems for a number of people.

Here is an example of your own search not working so well:!/search/CHAVEZ%20Calle%20Sucre

If you expand the first bunch of photos you will see they are all the same.

1 year 48 weeks ago
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