NSURLErrorDomain error - 1012 when posting to my twitter in my iphone app

@jahnrichards Jahn Richards

The last time I use twitter in my iphone app it is successfully posting into my wall but now I am encountering a twitter error and it says "The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error - 1012.) I'm wondering what caused this problem..can anyone help me? thanks.

2 years 15 weeks ago


@robertotmn roberto tumini

Hi! Have you found a solution for this problem? I'm getting the same error.

2 years 14 weeks ago
@ChelseaFoulk Chelsea Foulk

Mine gives me this error code when I'm trying to sign in to Twitter on my phone.

1 year 50 weeks ago
@KarenRFinancial Karen Richardson

Did you get a response regarding this, mena is doing the same, thanks

1 year 48 weeks ago
@ByDesignGames ByDesign Games

Same here :(

Posting via Tweet Sheet works fine, only when posting without using Tweet Sheet (which our design calls for) does it not.

40 weeks 2 days ago
@kbegeman Kyle Begeman

No fix?

40 weeks 2 days ago
@PatrickRguez Patrick Rodriguez

Same problem when i want get access token...

39 weeks 4 days ago