Background image upload error

@w00tert w00tert

I keep getting an error when i try to upload a new background image. I'm not really sure what error it is, sinds my browsers (firefox & chrome) give a different dutch explanation. All i do know is that i've tried 5 different versions of my background with and without meta information in it, but nothing is working.

2 years 15 weeks ago


@AdrienBoulard Adrien Boulard

I have the same error with avatar and background :(

2 years 15 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

We're working to resolve this recent spate of image upload issues.

2 years 15 weeks ago

i still can't change my background. i've tried putting that background before and it worked but i tried uploading it now but it doesn't

1 year 10 weeks ago
@sweetlucre Lucresha Bryan

how is it that up to now I can't upload my own image background to my profile? Every time i try i keep getting an error page. Techni plz resolve this asap !

2 years 5 weeks ago
@Jimbobarooney_D James Dunford

Did anyone manage to sort this? I've been trying for a couple days and no joy; tried the image on a couple of other accounts and it worked first time =(!

1 year 45 weeks ago
@alaaelbaba Alaa Elbaba

meeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooo having the same problem

1 year 43 weeks ago
@Blackcat_9153 Blackcat

I have the same error in one account of Australia

1 year 42 weeks ago
@realoflhakim アシ Ậśr ╣ Įħāκíм [Ξ]

meeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooo having the same problem

1 year 31 weeks ago
@iegik Artūrs Jansons

There is a problem "selecting image" on Chrome (seems to be browser`s issue). Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89 (Official Build 154005) on Linux.
Even if You "drop" image to input[type=file|image] or just select it by pushing "Browse" button...
Where are You, Google developers? :)

1 year 29 weeks ago
@JanelleBBFan JanelleBBFan

This is still happening with me too . It lets me click the "choose existing image" but when I change my background it stays the same .

1 year 29 weeks ago
@sringsmuth Simon Ringsmuth

Same thing here, and all inquiries to Twitter seem to be falling on deaf ears.

1 year 21 weeks ago
@motopixie Phae

still can't upload a new background image. apparently this is happening again!

1 year 29 weeks ago

damn i m so f@#!ing fustrating my header wont upload i m pressing save and its not working even my background i m pressing choose existing image not working either can someone help twitter needs to deal with this i m getting so fustrating.

1 year 26 weeks ago
@CostasGioldasis Costas Gioldasis

I tried a couple of weeks ago and it failed...I just tried it again and it's still failing to upload.

1 year 22 weeks ago
@SideKickMark SideKick Mark

Quite frustrated as well. Attempted to upload a custom background to 2 different twitter accounts using both Chrome and Firefox with neither working. Usually an instant change appears on the page, but instead it just keeps the exact same background that the Twitter page had previously. I can select from the available pre-made Twitter backgrounds, but that is all.

1 year 21 weeks ago
@sringsmuth Simon Ringsmuth

Same thing is happening on my account. The first post in this thread was created almost a year ago! Twitter devs, is there any progress being made here?

1 year 21 weeks ago
@OmReikiIdea Om Reiki

Seems like they are having some problems with image's metadata.

Try the solution provided here:

Worked for me!

1 year 21 weeks ago
@MonicaMejico Monmon :)

I can't change my Background Picture. What is happening? :/ I've tried 5 background pictures but it didn't work. At first, it worked; but now, what is happening? Can someone help me to resolve this? :( Thank You.

24 weeks 4 days ago
@RealLifeMikeP Mike P.

I seem to always have problems with twitter? Whats up with them? Aye who's using a mac? Are they hating on apple like some sites do?

23 weeks 4 days ago
@RealLifeMikeP Mike P.


23 weeks 4 days ago
@Atanasoph Plamen Atanasov

Hi there guys

I have been trying to fix this nasty problem for over a week and i did it!
It's simple.. just unninstall your current version of Google Chrome and download an older one. And it will work 101%. Now i can change my background without a problem.

My Google Chrome version: 25.0.1364.172

Cheers! =]

22 weeks 6 days ago
@georgeyujr George ~#

Problem solved. I used Firefox v21.0. You can change your Twitter background there with ease. Reply if this helped you. Cheers!

22 weeks 4 days ago
@boybearpig Mike Parry

i'm having trouble changing the background image. it wont keep the tile background box checked and wont let me select background position either

20 weeks 3 days ago
@boybearpig Mike Parry

just used Themeleon and it worked

20 weeks 3 days ago
@BumsOndaBeach Bums on da Beach

Why is this so buggy? Have you contracted out your maintenance to CGI?

18 weeks 6 days ago
@PolishPotteryUK Polish Pottery UK

what do you expect this is twitter, nothing really does work... how many times do you find the server is overloaded... and this is supposed to be bigger than Facebook!

how to kill 2 birds with one stone - try uploading a background image

18 weeks 2 days ago
@BeingTheGoddess ℒẶḐẎ ℛ∃ℬℰ₭Ậℋ Ⓥ

I have had this problem for weeks - when I CAN upload an image it wont let me tile it. Now I can't seem to up load at all without some error page coming up. I want to use my own backgrounds Twitter, please sort it out now this is ridiculous!

18 weeks 1 day ago
@AmethystRos Roslynn Kemp

I'm trying up set a background image for my twitter page, but it keeps showing me a blank page with layout colors instead. Can you do anything to make the background image from Themelon go on to my twitter page?

7 weeks 4 days ago
@froginthevalley Sylvain Carle

This discussion forum is for developer issues. For user issues, please go to or contact @support.

7 weeks 4 days ago