How do i find mu consumer key and secret

@DebashisPrima Debashis prima


I am developing a web app for my twitter account and need my consumer key and secret number. How do I get these?



2 years 13 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

By registering an application at

2 years 13 weeks ago
@AnandhamMani manikandan

How to get my consumer key

1 year 7 weeks ago
@MotiveHub Motive Hub - check this out

46 weeks 28 min ago
@StephanieMiskew Stephanie Miskew CSW

That link posted by the two of you does not help at all! It takes you to a screen to create and "app" which I have absolutely no interest in doing! I just need my Consumer key and secret and my Access Token and access token secret - how the hell do you find these things? Ridiculous!!!!

43 weeks 4 days ago
@bcleanwindows B Clean Windows

I understand your frustration Steph. I was lost until I figured it out on my own. See twitter wants you to CREATE an app in order for you to CREATE a Twitter Consumer Key ,Twitter Consumer Secret code, Request token URL, ect .

There is a huge list of reasons for the jumping through hoops but the one that makes the most sense is found in twitters terms of service

here is a helpful video

43 weeks 3 days ago
@JordanTBH Jordan

If you follow the link they posted (above) and click on the App you can get your consumer key and secret under "OAuth settings" or the OAuth tool tab. You'll need to register the/an application first.

Keep the "Consumer secret" a secret, don't publish it.

Can see this for a guide:

43 weeks 4 days ago
@vikasvissu visweswararao


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@persisshanker persis / shanker

doesn't accept any old callback URL. what the hell is that and 'Website'?

38 weeks 3 days ago
@OrmitaMedia Ormita Media Online

see in Ormita Media Online at

37 weeks 5 days ago
@juansho001 Juan David Perafan

how i can access to this information (consumer key and secret) for a test site. i have my site in localhost, but twitter askme a real web domain, How i can do this? PLS HLPME

22 weeks 13 hours ago
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19 weeks 1 hour ago
@Egocigs Ego-cigs

very difficult, do i need to verify my mobile phone to have an app on my website with twitter feed ?

2 weeks 6 days ago
@romainhuet Romain Huet

If you are simply looking for an Embedded Timeline on your website, you can customize your widget directly at

If you want to create a Twitter app and unfortunately unable to meet the mobile phone requirements from your country, please take a look below:

Why can't I create an application?

If you're having trouble fulfilling application creation requirements, please contact our Platform Operations team by using the "I have an API policy question not covered by these points" option of the contact form at

We are aware of the current difficulties and actively working on improving the app registration flow. Thanks for your patience.

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