how to get my api key

@lnat_india LNATIndia

how to get my api key ...please step by step showing........

2 years 39 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary
  1. Go to and log in, if necessary
  2. Supply the necessary required fields, accept the TOS, and solve the CAPTCHA.
  3. Submit the form
  4. Copy the consumer key (API key) and consumer secret from the screen into your application

If you also need the access token representing your own account's relationship with the application:

  1. Ensure that your application is configured correctly with the permission level you need (read-only, read-write, read-write-with-direct messages).
  2. On the application's detail page, invoke the "Your access token" feature to automatically negotiate the access token at the permission level you need.
  3. Copy the indicated access token and access token secret from the screen into your application

Be sure and configure your application as needed before attempting the "your access token" step.

2 years 39 weeks ago

I am working with an app that asks for three items: the consumer key, the consumer secret, and the API key. So. Where is this mythical API key to which you refer?

2 years 38 weeks ago
@pesterbot Lt. Col. of Truth

@vh7dragons I'm curious what the app is. Twitter OAuth is based on four tokens generally referred to as consumer key and consumer secret for the application and access token and access token secret for the user. The term API key sounds like a third party(twitpic, yfrog, etc.) key. These sites use OAuth echo to authenticate the user. OAuth echo passes user authentication off to twitter, so basically it is a three key system, with a user that has been authenticated by twitter.

Very often the names of the different tokens are used interchangeably or otherwise misused. Really the only way to help you sort out what the app is asking for is to know what the app is.

2 years 38 weeks ago
@limeleaves Pankas Carter

I wonder how to get the API key too. Is this new app that no longer generates the API key?
Here is the name of the app: social easy share.

2 years 34 weeks ago
@GregoryDonaghy Gregory Donaghy

I am looking for an API key related to an app that I have already created. Where might I find it? Cheers!

2 years 29 weeks ago
@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

Check - the app should be listed there. Clicking through will reveal all of the OAuth details for the application.

2 years 29 weeks ago
@anitprasadsingh anit prasad singh

how to get my consumer_key.

2 years 28 weeks ago
@kurrik Arne Roomann-Kurrik

Go to and click on your application's name (or create a new one if you don't see any) - the key is listed on the following page.

2 years 28 weeks ago
@sagarrakshe2 Sagar Rakshe

How to create a simple app? I am totally new to this concept. I would also like to know the api key, access tokens and oauth.

2 years 5 weeks ago
@rafalchmiel Rafal Chmiel

I'm not trying to be spammy but I think this open source project could help ( - it has a documentation that may be useful to you.

2 years 5 weeks ago
@manasukanasu123 moamusiq

i am getting this error
Response body is incorrect. Can't extract a token from this: '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2 years 4 weeks ago
@hi_joydeep Joydeep

to get twitter photo api key

2 years 3 weeks ago
@RTboy20__ Redwan nezif

I love it!!!

1 year 32 weeks ago
@fikriayaz FİKRİ AYAZ

1 year 30 weeks ago
@GatewayMF Gateway

How can i get the twit_pic_api ??

1 year 27 weeks ago
@AbdulCollo The Village Hero 

how do i get my api's link

1 year 21 weeks ago
@neerajmahajan8 neeraj mahajan

kindly help me intergating twitter oath in my web site ( PHP MYSQL platform)

1 year 19 weeks ago
@Skspark22 Sanjeev Singh

Wants twitter API Key

1 year 12 weeks ago
@test_noah_biboy test_noah

im going to use this library. can you please tell me what is the apikey the tutorial is talking about?

1 year 10 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

The photo service this library refers to, TweetPhoto, no longer exists. (It's now owned by Lockerz). To use a third party photo upload service with Twitter, you'll need both an API key with that service as well as an API key with Twitter.

1 year 10 weeks ago
@dg_no_9 [DG]

I created an App, and generated 4 keys:consumer keys and access keys. Does these access keys refer to my account only..? If some other account need to access the API, what i have to do..? Please help.

1 year 7 weeks ago
@LoavesFishesMA Loaves &amp; Fishes


I am having difficulty specifying "count=1" on the script for the Twitter Timeline. Could someone please tell me how to do that? They just want to show one Tweet—not five.

Thank you,
Doug Arnold, on behalf of Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, Inc. in Devens, MA

1 year 6 weeks ago
@tanveerinamdar inamdar

i got the apikey can any one ans how i implement in my web site.

1 year 6 weeks ago
@suryafibertech Surya Fibertech

Thank You , This Information is helpful me

1 year 3 weeks ago
@Abhay59820386 Abhay

Hi, i am trying to connect my website through twiiter oauth, and i have registered my application but, i am enable to get my app consumer id, secrete and all.
what is the link to get it?
Please reply.

51 weeks 5 days ago
@TrangaP Tranga Patel

it ask me for a website but my application dose not use a website..

51 weeks 2 days ago
@hali_pak Hassaan Ali

I am creating a desktop app which requires twitter access to collect tweets. I don't have any website or URL. How can I get consumer key which is to be used in the code?

42 weeks 22 hours ago
@bomboom_ Estephani

sou uma vagabunda, segue que eu sigo e chupo de volta.

40 weeks 6 days ago

What's that callback URL

40 weeks 1 day ago
@pramod20101985 pramod mane

i have only two keys Consumer key and Consumer secret using that how i call user latest news feed ?
how i use auth/application-only-auth for access token and accessTokenSecret please help me out/

34 weeks 6 days ago
@AdeelAftab2 Adeel Aftab

i developing windows phone application not web, so wht to write in web URL ???

32 weeks 5 days ago
@VarunVarun89 Varun

i developing iphone App how can i login through twitter in my app?

29 weeks 2 days ago
@RiotMadmaxx13 Maxwell Helwig

why wont my codes work for AutoTWBot and my codes seem to not want to connect why is that?

25 weeks 10 hours ago

how can i generate a twitter API key

21 weeks 6 days ago
@Arapostathis_St Stathis Arapostathis


I just want to collect some tweets from the streaming api using the curl command. I haven't created an application not I will, at least at the time being. So, I don't have any valid url address to enter for the oauth process. Any help, on how I could just i collect some tweets at once?

thank you

21 weeks 3 days ago
@Pablo12271471 Pablo

Hi, I am at the same position as you, I am just trying to get some tweets fro the streaming api. I don't have any URL neither my own website. Could you solve it? can you give me any tips?

12 weeks 6 days ago
@JarkiholiSatish satish.jarkiholi


20 weeks 1 day ago
@darulmasyhur Kesultanan Bintan

how to fix Muffin Widget has already been taken for Name

9 weeks 1 day ago
@FiNeSSeFooDs FiNeSSe FooDs

There is no option to create an acceess key at the bottom of my application page. anyone know how to solve this?

1 week 6 days ago
@romainhuet Romain Huet

Please go to the third tab called API Keys on your app from, you should see your access token at the bottom of the page.

1 week 6 days ago