How can I get geotagged pictures posted on twitter?

@luckywadhwa luckywadhwa

How can I get geotagged pictures posted on twitter? Which API method to use for this puropose?
If possible please give an example URL?


2 years 38 weeks ago


@gerbenjacobs Gerben Jacobs

You want to post pictures or retrieve pictures?

2 years 38 weeks ago
@luckywadhwa luckywadhwa

I want to retrieve pictures(which were geotagged near to my current location), which were posted by different people using Twitter App(s) for smartphones (iPhone, android etc..).
So, I need to know which api method/URL to use to retrieve those pictures (or url of pictures).
Any ideas?


2 years 38 weeks ago
@swexelstein steven wexelstein

As far as I can see this depends on the image provider and most compress the images and remove the exif tags. Unless anyone knows different of course ..

2 years 35 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

Finding geotagged pictures is going to be tough through Twitter.

Finding tweets that are geotagged and also contain URLs pointing to images is a more manageable task.

I would recommend using the Streaming API with a bounding box around the location you're interested in, possibly filtering on a few image hosts that you specifically want to collect from. It is possible for you to accomplish this with the Search API as well. You'll have to naturally discard some results and understand the retrieval format for each respective host.

2 years 35 weeks ago
@XiaoTHU Xiao

Hi Singletary.

Recently, I began a project which needs to crawl the geotagged tweets in a specific city, say New York. I want to collect as much geotagged tweets as possible. Do you have any advice? What API should be used? Should I use the Query API to search tweets near a geo location or use Streaming API with a bounding box?

Thanks :-)

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2 years 8 weeks ago
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