How to track tweets with links with the streaming api?

@jahvi Javier Villanueva

I'm currently using the streaming API to track tweets with a specific hashtag but is it possible to filter them even more to only include tweets with links? I tried adding "filter:links" like in the search api but it didn't return anything even though when I search "#myhashtag filter:links" in the twitter website it does return new tweets.

1 year 52 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

The Streaming API doesn't support filters like the Search API. Sometimes it's easier to discard what you're not interested in, but you can emulate a little bit of this functionality by modifying your query to include http -- such as "#myhashtag http" AKA "%23myhashtag%20http"

1 year 51 weeks ago
@jahvi Javier Villanueva

Thanks for the response, that's how I'm handling it now and so far it's been working great

1 year 51 weeks ago
@sylvestrends Sylvestr Trends

I've tried the technique you mentioned (tracking "%23myhahstag") but it seems nothing is returned, while tracking "myhashtag" results in many hits including ones with #myhashtag in the text.

I see it's been a while, is your recommendation still valid or has something changed on the backend?

1 year 21 weeks ago
@satish_ satish viswanatham

hmm. Would this work for shortened urls as well? I tried the following:

curl -d 'track=%23myhashtag%20http' -u nothing for me.

Am I missing anything here? How about https? thanks.

1 year 41 weeks ago