Search API : No results with "since" and "until"

@janruske Jan Ruske

Hi folks,

i have got a problem with the Seach api. I have searched tweets with the search api for the special day. For example:
"#piwik since:2011-07-30 until:2011-07-30"

It works a long time. I got all results for the special search tag for one day! But since two weeks i didnt get results.

Note: I`am using the Twitter4j-library in Java.

Any idea ?

best regards,

2 years 38 weeks ago


@janruske Jan Ruske

Note: since two days, not since two weeks !!

2 years 38 weeks ago
@AdamGDunn Adam Dunn

It seems as though you have been looking at date that had just happened (as in, you were looking at a special date that was within abour 7 or 8 days). In the last two days you were receiving no results because the Twitter API won't let you retrieve results beyond a week in the past. I have the same problem.

2 years 25 weeks ago
@SerdarOsmanOnur Serdar Osman Onur

Search api returns the results for the last 6-9 days.

2 years 25 weeks ago
@techiesush Sushma Rao

Try this:

I basically saw the behavior of how the results show up when I use '%20' VS '&' between parameters. It just ignores when I use '&' before the until parameter and hence gives me all results even till today. However, if you try using '&' and still have rpp=30, it correctly displays 30 results!

So, I guess we should keep in mind of so many constraints while working on this API. Like first of all the results shown using this get/search is only within about 6-9 days. And then we have lot of options with the parameters!

But sometimes is still confusing to me..

1 year 49 weeks ago
@mbjmz MBJINO

is it working in api 1.1 ? because im using 1.1 and not getting results from daterange

19 weeks 3 days ago