Changing privacy settings


I have recently had to make my account and Tweets private due to unwanted attention from one certain individual.
I have blocked this said person so they cannot see my tweets.

It would be nice if they happened to search for my name or if they see a conversation between myself and someone that we both follow, if I was completely invisible so they don't ever see any activity from me.

Also, it would be great if you could choose who your tweets were private from, or have an exception list.
I for example, like to send tweets to various celebrities who do not follow me, now my tweets are protected they will never see my messages.

I think the privacy settings are very limited, its all or nothing. Please could you develop some additional options.

1 year 50 weeks ago


@CenanGercekci Cenan Gercekci

I very much agree with you! It would be great to be able to Tweet public Tweets through a private account when specified! I hope this will be done soon! :)

1 year 47 weeks ago