ssl problems

@yachmilk brett tuttle

I'm currently logging into twitter on my website using oauth 1. I'm an amateur at the whole process. It was working before but recently I've been getting ssl errors in both chrome and firefox: uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for the following names: , * , *

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

The above is the firefox error.
The log-in process seems to work fine when I use a proxy in firefox. I would appreciate any help with this issue.

1 year 48 weeks ago


@hw_riles Rodger Riley

I'm having the same problem with Firefox and Chrome. I've searched dozens of blogs about this warning and can't find a clear answer. According to search results, this has been going on for years with Twitter and Facebook. I really need to know if it's safe to proceed, or if that would take me to a fake (and potentially harmful) version of, as the warning suggests.

1 year 28 weeks ago
@raphaelmichael Raphael Michael

My Twitter is Hacked.... uses an invalid security certificate.

1 year 28 weeks ago
@AlainCommuniste Alain Poitras

I actually got the same SSL problem with Comodo Dragon, a Chrome based navigator. Since the 7 April 2014, when Twitter change is server certificate, I cannot log in to access my account or reach the site support. But like you can see, I can log in for this page ... Did anybody can help me about that ?

4 days 16 hours ago