Cannot change my background?


I tried changing my background, but it won't upload. My file is not an animated .gif or larger than 800kb in size. The same picture uploads on my other twitter account, but doesn't work on this one. Any way to fix this?

1 year 45 weeks ago


@LuisAlejandro Luis A. Martínez F.

Same issue here.

1 year 44 weeks ago
@NgEnRui Ng En Rui

Its ok.When u change the background, it won't show u the picture in the square(box)has changed . U just need to do is choose ur picture and click save changes!!!!! Then,press (me ) , it will show u ur background!!! Thanks!!! :)

1 year 20 weeks ago
@_nyancatz DJ Breakfast

Also for me I used a .jpg file and that worked, before I was using a .png file

42 weeks 5 days ago
@ellenbell10 ellen bieber xxxxxxx

i done what you said but its not working :(

23 weeks 6 days ago
@FinalKingArazen Arazen The King

Same here can't change my background

23 weeks 5 days ago
@ellenbell10 ellen bieber xxxxxxx

if your on chrome go on mozilla and vise visa

23 weeks 6 days ago
@nabilaaf Nabila Aulia Fahira

mine too!! :(

1 year 25 weeks ago
@thelastchants Dash Wilder

yup, same issue ...?

1 year 24 weeks ago
@Romilly_B Romilly♥Basson

Yup... same problem. please help???!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year 24 weeks ago
@naomi_adya naomi adya

same here.. I made a new twitter account just to see if it would let me change my background on there and it did, so I deleted the new one and went back to my normal one and it still says "size can't be blank. file name can't be blank. content type can't be blank. your image was too big. your file was not an image." get it together, twitter.

1 year 24 weeks ago
@DemianRX Rock Kid

same problem here

1 year 24 weeks ago
@matthewbrummer Matthew Brummer

Yeah, i've tried to upload both a jpg and png, both under 800kb, to Change Background. Twitter just stares at me and does nothing. No change. Nothing. (Change Header works, but not Background)

1 year 6 weeks ago
@matthewbrummer Matthew Brummer

Can @support view this thread?

1 year 23 weeks ago
@kvltsxxt Kvlt Lxvdxr

i think someone broke twitter for all of us.

1 year 23 weeks ago
@DrMadnes Dr. Madness

Hey people! The same happened to me but I managed to solve it! I was using Mozilla and I changed to google Chrome and it worked.
Conclusion : Either you close mozilla and open it again or change of browser but if you change your wallpaper it will change, the problem you dont know it has changed. I hope I helped you!

1 year 23 weeks ago
@lyraaa113012 Lyra Peromingan

thanks for encouraging us to use Mozilla. this made my day. I already have my perfect background :) thank u @DrMadnes

1 year 17 weeks ago
@lynnmosher Lynn Mosher

Have been trying for two days to change it. Grrr!!! I don't think anyone upstairs ever listens! Or reads! Will try your method, DrMadness!

1 year 23 weeks ago
@lynnmosher Lynn Mosher

It worked. Firefox and Twitter must not be getting along. Tried Chrome and changed it. Didn't have to close Firefox but I did close Twitter. Opened another tab for Twitter and there it was! Yay! Thank you, DrMadness!

1 year 23 weeks ago
@Romilly_B Romilly♥Basson

You're lucky =/ I use BOTH firefox and chrome but neither wants to work

1 year 22 weeks ago
@AliVaheed Vaheed


1 year 20 weeks ago
@NgEnRui Ng En Rui

Its ok.When u change the background, it won't show u the picture in the square(box)has changed . U just need to do is choose ur picture and click save changes!!!!! Then,press (me ) , it will show u ur background!!! Thanks!!! :)

1 year 20 weeks ago
@kirashayde Kira Shayde

I tried using Chrome and that did not help. What finally worked was changing the background and link colors. Even though my uploaded background did not show in the preview space, but once I changed the background and link colors, then click Save Changes, my background loaded.

1 year 20 weeks ago
@CostasGioldasis Costas Gioldasis

I have been struggling to change it for weeks using firefox and then tried chrome as stated above and it worked.

1 year 19 weeks ago
@louisseKills Louisse ☦☦☦

I cant change my background. what should i do? T_T

1 year 18 weeks ago
@lyraaa113012 Lyra Peromingan

I had the same problem :((

1 year 17 weeks ago
@JaayOriginality Jaay Cantuba™

I cant changer my twitter header!!!!

1 year 17 weeks ago
@Arkivdt Awwalul Barki

me too !!

50 weeks 3 days ago
@lyraaa113012 Lyra Peromingan

same problem. I can't change my twitter background from the moment I created my new account, It gives me hell. You should tell us what to do. This is unfair :(((((((

1 year 17 weeks ago
@Jonathanballco Jonathan Ball

Also can't change twitter background, can change all other options fine though and it will let me change to any of the default backgrounds but cannot upload anything new. Clicking on a new image to upload would usually show as the new image before I click save but there is nothing displayed, clicking save anyway still results in having the same background image as I started with.

Different browsers, Different PC's, Ensuring image is within size limits etc but no luck. Suggestions?

1 year 17 weeks ago
@ahmedselim665 Ahmed.Selim

1 year 17 weeks ago
@pgsdotcom pgsdotcom

I've tried to open my twitter with Internet explorer when change the twitter background. YESSSSS.....I CAN CHANGE IT. maybe this happened because the browser issues.

maybe U can try with internet explorer.

1 year 15 weeks ago

This is what you need to do. Find a file that's no more than 2mb,go to design then click change background.... Then click on the little down arrow on the right to remove any pic that may be on your background... Then click change background again,that should take you where you can find jpegs and things like that... Pick a file, remember it can only be 2mb or less...After you've found your file and clicked open hit save changes...Finally,this is what's messing everyone up...Logout of your twitter account,then log back in and your background will be there...Wala, just like magic... This will change your background...And by the way it has nothing to do with the browser your using...It's some type of glitch in twitter...

1 year 15 weeks ago
@BritishBiochar British Biochar

There are two issue's here;
1. People can't "change there header" once an image is uploaded.
I was on chrome and changed to IE and was able to change my header(couldn't for weeks), so can only assume that certain browsers have issues with changing the header.
Can't "change your header", change your browser, it worked for me and others.(went back to chrome when i was done)
2. People can't "see their header" once an image has been uploaded.
I didn't have this issue but it appears that it is a possible browser issue as well.
Can't "see your header", log out and then back in again and this should do it. If not, change your browser. If not, when you do find a cure please let everybody know.

1 year 14 weeks ago
@WilliamVGarra3 Vincent III

I seem to be having the same issue. I used to have my own background image now I am stuck using only what twitter has. I have used firefox and explorer and each time I select an image I get the "cannot have a blank image" issue. My pc photo is not being uploaded and this is very frustrating..

1 year 13 weeks ago
@peakibs pearce

this crap shit of yours won't upload a damn picture

1 year 13 weeks ago
@Constit4Africa Constituency4Africa

I can't seem to upload a background photo. I switched to Firefox to see if that would help, but it just keeps ignoring my request. What are my next steps. Thank you.

1 year 13 weeks ago
@Look_ItsMarquis Marky Mark

I HAVE THE SOLUTION!! This worked for me.

**Sign into this website with your twitter.

Go "check out themeleon" right about where is says change background.
You should be directed to the themeleon page. (I don't know if I am spelling it correctly.)
Look to the mid left where it says "pattern" then click images.
Upload your image.
It should say something along the lines of allow this website to change profile. (not exactly)
Click yes.
You do not have to create an account with them. Just hit "take me to my profile"
&& you should be set.
I hope this works. I am not the master at this so please don't get mad if it does not work.

1 year 12 weeks ago
@ysabela9257 Ysabela Garcia

Thanks for sharing this. It totally worked for me!

19 weeks 3 days ago
@benye_wust Benson Wu

this is the one! thanks so much!

1 year 12 weeks ago
@CynthiaTveit Cynthia Tveit, MS

That didn't work for me. it still won't work -- not with Google Chrome, or with Internet Explorer

1 year 10 weeks ago
@Darxicus Daniël Roux

Come on, Twitter, is this really necessary?

1 year 4 weeks ago
@LaxedLife Michael Acosta

I've fixed mine. I am a google chrome user. I opened firefox, twitter, then settings, then design, then uploaded the picture. It's necessary to remove other existing background pictures (I think). Then, logged out of twitter. Then, logged back in. Twitter showed my new wallpaper. I exited the firefox, and logged back into google chrome. It showed my new wallpaper! :) Goodluck :)

1 year 3 weeks ago
@163Abena millicentgyamfuah

i can't make my image as my background picture

1 year 1 week ago
@theopunkguy Theo Respati P.

Try to click change backround, and remove the old one, save changes. then upload it :D

51 weeks 2 days ago
@haurazet Ms. Levine

your pict should be under 200kb

49 weeks 1 day ago

it is.

46 weeks 1 day ago
@kweenonika Harajuku Barbie

my background won't load.. HELP! @twitter @twittersupport

48 weeks 3 days ago
@TulikaMakharia Tulika Makharia

Try uploading your background image in Mozilla! I had the same problem in Chrome but it uploaded instantly in Mozilla.

48 weeks 1 hour ago
@CrystalAfro Crystal Afro

I tried using Chrome instead of Firefox and I can't believe it actually worked!! Thanks so much!!!

47 weeks 2 days ago
@sarah_j_fell Sarah Jayne Fell

I've had the same problem for months with the header pic. I manage our work account and whenever I want to change the header image the only way I can is by bluetoothing the image to my phone and then uploading via the twitter app. When I go via desktop browser (Chrome) it ends up not uploading and replacing the existing pic with a grey block.

Now I've tried changing my own background and no luck. Tried removing existing first, then adding the new one (it's less than 2mb), and when I save nothing happens. Go back to my profile and the old image is still there.

Update: have now successfully removed my current image but the new one won't load or show up.

46 weeks 4 days ago