Error: 401 Unauthorised

@balusiva18 balaji

Hi ,
Good Morning
when i am sending tweets from my application i am getting error as follows

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at _Default.tweetsAPI(String sUsername, String sPassword, String sMessage) in f:\Balaji\Twitter\Default.aspx.cs:line 41

please provide solution for this.


1 year 45 weeks ago


@mnakgol MNuri


İ send the first tweet by authorization in c# twitterizer library but when i try to send scond tweet i take this exception. how can i send more tweet by one authorize

1 year 45 weeks ago
@Somente1Gabriel éėĚ Ø βΫĚĘĖĻ ♪♥Ω

(Please translater from portuguese-brazil) o problema é incompatibilidade do tente mudar para ... aliás seu aplicativo é desktop ???

1 year 44 weeks ago
@WillSilvaOFC_ BF dα @_LααryPrαdo ♥


1 year 44 weeks ago
@martinokello Martin Okello

As of this morning my application has started returning 401 unauthorized error getting user timelines and status timelines for both search and just normal queries.

I am using both my oauth consumer key to exchange for an oauthToken,

which I then use to tweets. It was working all yesterday using V1.1 and it temporary worked today, and now I am getting constant 401 unauthorized access errors when getting tweets from both search and status time lines.

43 weeks 1 day ago
@ravishakya21feb Ravi Shakya

I am also facing same error for Website Login with twitter on my site

32 weeks 4 days ago