how can i find email id from user id

@PSTPL_India PerpetuatingPSTPL

I have my user id.
I want to find the email id associated with that userid.

How can i do that

1 year 45 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary


How do I obtain a user's email address?

If you'd like a user's email address, you'll need to ask a user for it within the confines of your own application and service. The Twitter API does not provide the user's email address as part of the OAuth token negotiation process nor does it offer other means to obtain it.

1 year 45 weeks ago
@KishVJ KJ

I have my company's twitter user id but I forgotten email address to recover password of that account how I can recover it?

1 year 4 weeks ago
@JAYESH_IDAR jayesh joshi

i make Login authentication fo twitter to post i need to save logged in user's email address in databse how can i get e-mai id?

37 weeks 15 hours ago
@clivealive99 Clive

ask them for it and then store it to database it's not available via the api.

37 weeks 15 hours ago