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@jwgibbo John Gibbons

Hello twitter,

My name is John Gibbons, and I am a PhD. student at the University of Kansas. My research studies the life span of content on social network. I aim to track the changes in activity (e.g. favorites, retweets, etc.) for a given tweet from the time it’s posted to the time it receives near zero activity for a certain threshold of time. To study twitter I created 10 accounts, listed below, and 1000 applications (100 each) that used the REST API to look at tweet information. The only information I kept was the activity changes. I use the public fire-hose to find new tweets. I do not scrape twitter, I only look at the information sent from REST API calls.

I was testing the rate limits when all of my accounts became suspended. If my account to be granted access again, or if twitter has datasets available for researchers, I would greatly appreciate it.

I can be reached at:

Thank you for your help!


John Gibbons

1 year 42 weeks ago