Max Tweet Length

@robcalvillo Roberto G. Calvillo


I have a doubt regarding the maximum length of a Tweet: if a user enters an URL which is shorter than its wrapper's length, and the Tweet has 140 characters including such URL, after the URL is switched for its wrapper the length of the Tweet would be longer than 140 characters.

What would the system do in those cases? Would the length of the Tweet be truncated to 140 characters? Or would the final Tweet be longer that 140 characters?

Should I consider 140 characters for the storage of the text in a Tweet? Or should I consider more characters?

Thank you.

1 year 38 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

For storage purposes, I would use a field capable of holding more than 140 characters for the tweet text to be on the safe side.

Tweet text is kind of elastic.. all URLs and URL-like constructs will be wrapped by -- sometimes resulting in a longer URL, sometimes resulting in a shorter one.

Whether a tweet will be considered postable or not is determined on the final count, after wrapping -- a tweet that would end up being longer than 140 characters this way would not be truncated, it'd be rejected.

See How Twitter wraps URLs with

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