I Don't appear in Search and my hashtags and mentions don't work. Unless you are following me.

@ChadR_JBaus ChadR

Im not appearing in search, and when i hashtag something or mention someone, my tweets don't show up unless you are following me. which means i can't take part in any hanshtag conversations. for example if i tag @jbhifi, people following jbhifi should be able to see that tweet even if they are not following me. however i that tweet doenst show up when searching mentions of JBHIFI. I've done all the troubleshooting i can find and nothing is working. Any ideas???? :)

1 year 37 weeks ago


@episod Taylor Singletary

Not all tweets appear in search.

Why are the Tweets I'm looking for not in Twitter Search, the Search API, or Search widgets?

Twitter's search is optimized to serve relevant tweets to end-users in response to direct, non-recurring queries such as #hashtags, URLs, domains, and keywords. The Search API (which also powers Twitter's search widget) is an interface to this search engine. Our search service is not meant to be an exhaustive archive of public tweets and not all tweets are indexed or returned. Some results are refined to better combat spam and increase relevance. Due to capacity constraints, the index currently only covers about a week's worth of tweets.

The user timeline API is the definitive source of tweets by a specific author. For a collection of recent Tweets by more than one user, consider creating a Twitter List and leveraging the list timeline. The Streaming API is often the best-fit choice when seeking completeness.

If the tweets you're looking for aren't available in search and you think they should be, consult this support topic for further instructions to contact @Support.

1 year 37 weeks ago
@ChadR_JBaus ChadR

Already contacted @support, no reply, have sent an email on his topic as well, still no reply, all the trouble shoots on twitter have not helped.

This account is my work account, as my work wants to promote using twitter, i also have a personal account, every tweet i make with my personal account comes up where it should, none of my work ones are appearing, even if i tweet the same thing, only mu work tweet is visible.

I have ruled out that its not my devices im searching on, as i have had others search for me, and watch for my tweets, everyone else who tweets about my work comes up in the feed when you search, but mine still do not.

i understand the limits n tweets and not all of them show up in search, but NONE of my tweets show in search, no matter what i @ or # its only the people who are following me that can see mine, i hope im explaning this correctly. :)

1 year 37 weeks ago
@truth__keeper agent__smith

"In order to keep your search results relevant, Twitter filters search results for quality Tweets and accounts. Material that jeopardizes search quality or creates a bad search experience for other users may be automatically removed from Twitter Search. Read more about this here (http://support.twitter.com/articles/66018-i-m-missing-from-search#). "

This is censorship, plain and simple, Such behavior is prohibited by the First Amendment and possibly Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When your tweets that include links and/or #Hashtags do not show up under search, but a friend can post the exact same tweets that DO show up, it is called DISCRIMINATION and is a violation of your rights. If Twitter is going to block you, they should not only notify you of that fact, they should also tell you why you have been selectively blocked. The official response by Taylor Singletary above is bull and is only offered as a distraction from the truth. One need only look at any hashtag search to see this! It is the raw, untamed nature of Twitter that is its virtue, NOT "relevant" "refined" filtered and CENSORED results! Until the new truly FREE Twitter-type platform rolls out, the only work around is to abandon your present account and create a new virginal one.Keep on tweetin', but the moment you say something Twitter doesn't like (e.g. the TRUTH) you will be blocked again. This adds fake followers and overestimates Twitter's popularity, which probably suits management just fine. There are probably only a few thousand real flesh & blood people on Twitter, and Millions of shill accounts :)

Unless one searches for their tweets, one does not know that they are being seen by their followers ONLY, How many thousands of people are out there tweeting away, blissfully unaware that no one can see their thoughts? This is criminal!

You are not alone. Your search for the truth will be met only by denial and diversion. Twitter is now an accepted part of the mainstream media (note its presence on MSNBC CNN AND CNBC) and has embraced its bias. The answer to this problem is for YOU to WAKE UP and become aware, and spread the truth to others by any means possible.

29 weeks 4 hours ago
@ThunderPig Bobby Coggins

I've had the same problem with this account I started for my blog for over two years. I used to use this account to cover the meetings of local governing bodies and severe weather events. I have had no response from support at Twitter despite repeated attempts. James Spann (@spann) has also had the same problem.

I've had to create other accounts to continue using Twitter in an effective manner, but this is the account I created for my blog and it is the account people associate with it.

It would be nice if Twitter would develop something like a professional account classification, or even public safety accounts that are not subject to the daily (and hourly) twitter limits. I would be willing to pay a nominal fee to accomplish that for this account and the account I use to tweet local weather events and public safety traffic.

1 year 37 weeks ago
@ImAlreadyTornXo Ciaraaaaa

me and another friend of mine have this problem i really need it fixing :( so annoying

1 year 26 weeks ago
@Fin24Dashboard Fin24Dashboard

Yep same happened here now. So we run tournaments, and tweet transactions people perform, Twitter decided it's not relevant and stopped indexing it. Only way to retrieve it now, is using the user_timeline.

From what I could see, I can't do any filtering on it, so no hashtag filtering.

1 year 24 weeks ago
@ifkya1957gh Kofi Yeboah_Agyemang

There is the need for your details be placed in the head before the body, so as to enable the search engines locate you as the system boots.

1 year 24 weeks ago
@7rin 7rin

@ifkya1957gh Kofi Yeboah_Agyemang - what did you mean by There is the need for your details be placed in the head before the body, so as to enable the search engines locate you as the system boots. ???

I'm also experiencing the same problem, on more than one account.

1 year 23 weeks ago
@JonBorresen Jon Borresen

My hashtags don't appear in searches either. They don't seem to be sorting this problem out

1 year 13 weeks ago
@rkuusisto Riikka Kuusisto

I have the same problem as the previous Twitter account owners have reported. When I hashtag with my own account, the Twitter search engine does not work and show up the list of tweets under that particular hashtag. The Tweets show up in my own personal site ok. However, if my follower uses the same hashtag that I used, it shows up with the Twitter Search engine. So it appears Twitter Search engine problem with hashtags is somehow related to certain accounts - is this a bug-problem in Twitter or something else?

1 year 13 weeks ago
@Mrs_Behm Norma Behm

Same problem here. My tweets used to show in the hash tag feed I was using. Then they just stopped. Only people I follow see my tweets but no one else. I already check everything and nothing seems to bebe wrong on my side. I'm not a spammer. I hash tag because I need to be part of a specific conversation going on, but now my tweets don't show on any hash tag feed no matter which one I use. Any help will be appreciated.

1 year 10 weeks ago
@ZifaSadriyeva Zifa Sadriyeva

I have the same problem: my account is relatively new - started in October 2012. I do not spam just tweet on topics that interest me and post links to articles. What is the point of Twitter otherwise? It's for business, this is why it's extremely frustrating. I only saw two of my hashtagged tweets appear in the topic thread several months ago. Now nothing what I tweet appears anywhere. It is beyond belief because I need Twitter actually. Can somebody help with this at all? Is Twitter monitoring this forum? I tried once to send a message to Support - there was no response.
Thank you

1 year 8 weeks ago
@seasonwithsalt Andy Fry

Same problem here. My account started in November 2012. I've noticed the past few days that none of my hashtags now appear in any of the # streams. Was working fine until recently. I've contacted support, but going on many forum comments, it seems that many never hear anything back!

1 year 7 weeks ago
@305sDangerZone 305sdangerzone


48 weeks 3 days ago
@Habibitips Habibi حبيبي

Many months later... Same problem! Has any way of solving this problem show up?

31 weeks 3 days ago
@c0wrider Cow Rider

Seems to happen to when your tweet has all of the following:
(a) tweet contains a link (which is not to a popular site - e.g. nytimes is ok), AND
(b) tweet contains hashtags, AND
(c) you have only a small number of followers.

I don't know what the follower threshold is for your tweet to be uncensored from the hashtag feed is.

There's also one way around it: include a picture with your tweet (then it won't be censored.)

I think Twitter is doing this to stop throwaway spam accounts spamming hashtag streams. But their algorithm is a bit naive, so legitimate new users are collateral damage. The catch-22 is the filtering makes it harder for new users to get exposure to build up followers (to reach the threshold where they are no longer filtered.) This may have helped Twitter's spam problem, but it makes their other problem even bigger: the stalling rate of new users joining Twitter.

The topic is also discussed in this thread: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/9620

22 weeks 14 hours ago
@c0wrider Cow Rider

I wrote a post explaining how Twitter's filtering of hashtag streams work - but it got "moderated". Censorship of talk about censorship? Twitter the "new media" indeed.

22 weeks 14 hours ago
@RGregoryClark Robert Clark

Got the same problem. Dirty little secret of Twitter. They censor their users.

Bob Clark

17 weeks 5 days ago
@komikotragiko komikotragiko

same problem with me since yesterday
when I tweet with a link of my blog - the tweets don't appear in the stream
when I tweet only text - everything is fine
maybe twitter has blocked the links of my blog....:(

13 weeks 1 day ago

Why are my Hashtags tweets NOT SHOWNING UP ANYWHERE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 weeks 3 days ago
@javieryepgarcia Javier Yep Garcia

I think this is happening because Twitter is giving preferency to quality content first. This could be.

5 weeks 4 days ago
@MeandDating Grey Knight

If they are censoring, then it makes perfect sense because my blog is a bit risque for the faint-hearted and virgins...

2 weeks 2 hours ago
@Michael_Halding Michael Halding

The same happened to me. I have been posting stories from my former website and the hash tags are blocked. Twitter is only good for celebrity advertising. I deleted my twitter account from my iPad. I'm not going to use it anymore. Who are they to dictate our thoughts and ideas? They might as well be based in China.

1 week 2 days ago