@Bish4Life ←Princess Danielle ♛

Hey I recently have been cleaning up my tweets, deleting old things, etc. One of my friends recently privitized their tweets and now I can't unretweet the past things of theirs that I retweeted. I was wondering how I got that off my profile or if there was a way to do that? Thanks.

1 year 36 weeks ago


@gysahlgreens 수운

I have the same problem, and it's irritating me a lot since I managed to delete ALL of my tweets, except for this one.

1 year 36 weeks ago

annoyingly having the same problem

1 year 31 weeks ago
@episod Taylor Singletary

We can't help you with site or account issues here. Please contact @support.

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The Twitter Help Center is the ideal location for getting support with your Twitter account, the Twitter website, or Twitter for your mobile device. If you have feature requests, ideas, or complaints about the Twitter service, you should direct them via DM to @support or use the forms available to you on the Help Center. We can't help with general product support issues on dev.twitter.com.

1 year 31 weeks ago
@Jazoncartier Jason Cartier♕

How can I clean all my tweets and undo retweet?

1 year 22 weeks ago