Adding the Social framework

Updated on Mon, 2012-11-05 19:24


The Social Framework in iOS6 makes it easy for you to leverage the power of Twitter for single sign-on, content personalization and content sharing. This document walks you through the simple process of adding the framework to a new or existing project.

Apple's Documentation

For general iOS and XCode documentation, please refer to Apple's Developer Site. Apple's Developer Library contains, among many other outstanding articles, the following relevant topics:

Adding the Framework to your Application

To begin, open your application in XCode.

In the project explorer, select the target that you would like to link against Social.framework. In this example, the target name is TwitterExample.

Next, find the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" module. You may have to expand the entry. Click the "+" sign to add a new Framework.

In the search field, enter "Social" and select the Social.Framework entry and click the "Add" button. Note that you may have to expand the "iOS 6.0" entry to see the framework.

You have now successfully added the framework to your project. If you encounter any problems, please raise a question in the Twitter API Discussion Forums.