Open Source Examples

Updated on Wed, 2012-08-22 15:51

Open source projects are a great way to learn from other developers' experience with the Twitter API. There are plenty out there!

By Project Host

By Language/Platform


  • TwitterScript by Michael Galpin. AS3 API, originally from Twitter, now open sourced.
  • SWX Twitter API by Aral Balkan.
  • Tweetr by Sandro Duccesschi. AS3, supports the REST API, Search API, and URL shortening.
  • Coderanger by Dan Petitt. Flex/Air OAuth library class.


  • QTwitLib by Bradley Lackey & Maks Zolin. C++ library for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Currently in beta.
  • Twitcurl by Mahesh. C++ library which uses curl library for HTTP interaction with Twitter API.


  • Yedda Twitter Library by Yedda. Every Twitter API method has an equivalent .NET method in this wrapper library.
  • TwitterooCore API by Eric Willis/RareEdge Design Group. Binary .NET library that can be used in any .NET project.
  • Twitterizer originally by DigitallyBorn, but now open source. Written for .NET 2.0.
  • TweetSharp by Daniel Crenna. TweetSharp is a fluent interface to the Twitter API with an active community and full coverage of current and announced API features.
  • LINQ to Twitter by Joe Mayo. An open source LINQ provider for the Twitter API
  • CSharpTwitt by Himanshu Hajariwala. Twitter API library in C#



  • twitterCOM by Quinn Michaels. Twitter Library for the CFML Language.
  • CFTwitterLib by Pedro Claudio. Twitter API ColdFusion Component.




  • Twitter4J by Yusuke Yamamoto. An open-sourced, mavenized and Google App Engine safe Java library for the Twitter API, released under the BSD license.
  • java-twitter by DeWitt Clinton. Pure java interface for the Twitter API.
  • jtwitter by Daniel Winterstein. Open-source pure Java Interface to Twitter.
  • Twitter Client by Gist, Inc. Java client to connect to the Streaming API.


  • TwitterHelper by Daniel Glazman
  • SpazCore by Ed Finkler. An open-source component library for building desktop and mobile apps in web runtimes (AIR, Titanium, WebOS). Includes a Twitter library.



  • MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell. Twitter library with OAuth and xAuth support for Mac OS X and iPhone development.
  • Canary by Nick Toumpelis. It is a fully-fledged client, with m ulti-user support.




  • OraTweet by Noel Portugal. PL/SQL procedures to get friends timeline and post updates.


  • oauth-python-twitter2 by Konpaku Kogasa. Combines python-twitter and oauth-python-twitter to create an evolved OAuth Pokemon.
  • python-twitter by DeWitt Clinton. This library provides a pure Python interface for the Twitter API.
  • python-twyt by Andrew Price. BSD licensed Twitter API interface library and command line client.
  • twitty-twister by Dustin Sallings. A Twisted interface to Twitter.
  • twython by Ryan McGrath. REST and Search library inspired by python-twitter.
  • Tweepy by Josh Roesslein. Supports OAuth, Search API, Streaming API.


  • Twitter4R by Susan Potter. Open-source Ruby library for the Twitter REST API.
  • Twittery by Chris Ledet. Lightweight class for Twitter's API.
  • Twitter by John Nunemaker. Command line twits and an api wrapper using Hpricot.
  • Grackle by Hayes Davis. Supports OAuth, Search API, REST API. Resilient to API changes.
  • TwitterLand by Bradley Joyce. Supports the Twitter-related APIs from Follow Cost, Twitter Grader, Mr Tweet, Twinfluence, and TwitterCounter.



  • SQL# (SQLSharp) by Solomon Rutzky. A SQLCLR library of Functions and Procedures, some being for Twitter.


Inclusion in the Open Source Examples is not an endorsement or recommendation of those organizations by Twitter. In addition, such inclusion is not intended to imply, directly or indirectly, that those organizations endorse or have any affiliation with Twitter.