Twitter Libraries for v1

Updated on Thu, 2013-01-17 15:08

See Twitter Libraries for libraries compatible with API v1.1 These libraries were made for a now deprecated version of the API and will not likely function after March 2012.

A list of Twitter REST API v1-capable libraries. Feel free to send us a tweet @twitterapi if you think we're missing a good one. Note there's also an index of OAuth libraries provided by the OAuth site.


  • Tweetr by Sandro Duccesschi – an AS3 Twitter API library


  • kQOAuth by Johan Paul – a Qt based OAuth Library
  • libOAuth by Robin Gareus – a collection of POSIX-C functions implementing OAuth
  • QTweetLib by Toni Jovanoski – a Qt based Twitter API library
  • Twitcurl by Mahesh – a Twitter API library





  • Scribe by Pablo Fernandez – an OAuth library
  • Twitter4J by Yusuke Yamamoto – a Twitter API library (Java platform > v1.4.2, Android and GAE ready)
  • Twitter API ME by ernandesmjr – a Twitter API library (xAuth only)


Be cautious when using JavaScript with OAuth. Don't expose your keys.

  • jsOAuth by @bytespider – Javascript-based OAuth library.
  • SpazCore by Ed Finkler – Libraries for creating client apps in HTML/JS runtimes. Includes a Twitter library.


  • Spring.NET Social extension for Twitter by SpringSource – A Spring.NET Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Twitter.
  • DotNetOpenAuth by Andrew Arnott – an OpenID, OAuth and InfoCard library
  • Hammock by Daniel Crena – an HTTP API client supporting OAuth authentication.
  • LINQ to Twitter by Joe Mayo – a LINQ provider for the Twitter API
  • OAuth-Dot-Net by Chris – an OAuth library for clients and providers
  • TweetSharp by Daniel Crenna & Jason Diller – a Twitter API library built with Hammock
  • Twitterizer by DigitallyBorn – a Twitter API library (requires .NET > 3.5)
  • TwitterVB by Duane Roelands – a VB.NET Twitter API library

Objective-C / Cocoa

  • RSOAuthEngine by @rsieiro – a OAuth library with examples for working with Twitter
  • MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell – a Twitter API library
  • MPOAuth by Karl Adam – OAuth Cocoa component
  • ShareKit by Nate Weiner – General purpose content sharing library



  • Oauth-php by Corollarium Technologies – an OAuth library for clients and providers
  • Services_Twitter (PEAR) by Joe Stump, David Jean Louis and Bill Shupp – a Twitter API library
  • TmhOAuth by Matt Harris – an OAuth library (supports file uploading)
  • TwitterOAuth by Abraham Williams – a Twitter API library
  • Twitter async by Jaisen Mathai – a wrapper for Twitter OAuth API (provides asynchronous calls)



  • Grackle by Hayes Davis – a lightweight Ruby wrapper for Twitter REST and Search APIs
  • Twitter maintained by @sferik – a Ruby wrapper for Twitter REST and Search APIs
  • Twitter4R – a community-supported Ruby wrapper for Twitter REST.
  • OAuth-Ruby – an OAuth gem for clients and providers
  • Twitter_oauth by Richard Taylor – an OAuth library for Twitter


Inclusion in the Twitter Libraries is not an endorsement or recommendation of those organizations by Twitter. In addition, such inclusion is not intended to imply, directly or indirectly, that those organizations endorse or have any affiliation with Twitter.