Issue #1193: POST to update.json returns "Missing required parameter: status"

POSTing to the API endpoint update.json is returning a 403 along with "Missing required parameter: status" when the status parameter and value are included in the body of the http request rather than in the querystring. We're seeing a 100% posting failure rate now since 12:36pm PST as a result.

To reproduce the issue, use the apigee twitter console to submit a simple status post. You'll receive a 200 OK message. Notice that they are sending the status value in the querystring. Refactor the request to move all the querystring parameters into the body and re-submit the request. You'll notice it fails now with a 403 Missing required parameter: status, despite the fact that the status was included in the http request body.

As far as I know include the http parameters in the body of the http request when using the POST method is best practice, compared to leaving them in the querystring. This is a new issue that must have been related to a recent API publish.

Can we get this fixed ASAP? Our social media management software clients are unable to publish until this is resolved.


  • Make sure that you're sending a Content-Type header on your POST request to indicate what kind of content you're sending. Requests with a POST body but without a Content-Type header are not valid. A recent change enforces this more strongly.