Issue #39: Tweets produced by some iOS5 apps are mistakenly attributed to "iOS" instead of the app name

Some application names of iOS devices cause failover source attribution to simply "iOS" instead of the proper name of the application. This usually occurs because the application's name in the Apple Store is longer than the maximum allowed in Twitter's data model, or because an associated URL with the application is not valid.

If you run into this issue ensure that:
* You're using a published application. Unpublished iOS apps and ad-hoc provisioned iOS apps will not utilize custom source tags.
* You've provided a valid URL to Apple in association with your application
* Your application's name is not duplicative of a name in Twitter's application database.

If you don't want to wait for our bug fix:
* That your application's name as registered with Apple is shorter than 32 characters and is not duplicative of an application name in Twitter's database.