Issue #509: Why won't my twitter page layout/page style load properly?

Some time around last week, I decided to access my twitter account. Only to find out that the page layout is messed up and unsorted. I have trouble reading tweets and tweeting. I've been using Firefox as my software and i checked that the page is set to "basic page style" so it shouldn't have a problem displaying the normal twitter page layout. I thought that it was a temporary matter but it has been a few days already and i see no change in result. I've sent out a few feedbacks to the twitter help center but nothing has changed. At first, i thought it was because of the software i was using (Firefox). So i tried using Safari and Google Chrome and i still face the same problem. The problem only comes when i'm logged into my account. Therefore, giving me the inability to tweet comfortably. I am not able to see photos and tweets properly because of the page style/layout. I don't have this problem when i access other websites, so i think it's my twitter account that has something wrong with it. Please fix it and please help me. I have yet to see the change of results. I hope my explanation is clear and makes sense.