Easy Scales to Meet Global App Demand with Fabric

São Paulo, Brazil
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Digits, Crashlytics and Answers

Quick Facts:
  • Easy launched in 2012 and is the most downloaded taxi app in the world, having distribution across 30 countries and 420 cities.
  • Easy is available across all mobile platforms.
  • Easy has won awards such as Startup Weekend Rio 2011, IBM SmartCamp Brazil 2011, Startup Farm Rio 2011, TNW Awards Brazil 2012, Spark Awards 2013 and LIDE Entrepreneurship Award 2013.

The suite of Fabric components was a clear choice for us. Not only were we able to significantly ease user authentication with Digits, we learned more about our customers through Answers and have built a more performant app thanks to Crashlytics.

Juliano Martinez, Global Product Manager at Easy


Launched in April 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Easy connects passengers to taxi and private drivers through the click of a button inside the Easy app. Over the past few years, Easy has grown to provide taxi services in 30 countries and 420 cities, across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

As Easy expanded to serve multiple markets, it encountered significant challenges around fraud control and user account validation. They had used CAPTCHA initially, but it provided little success in curbing account fraud. Next, they integrated a third-party solution for SMS validation, but SMS costs needed to be negotiated in each region, costing them time and money. Of increasing concern was the high cost of SMS in Asia, a region where Easy was growing rapidly. Easy needed a less expensive and more unified way to manage customer login while continuing to scale internationally.

Another challenge was with customers around the world, Easy was using a variety of tools for analytics, but they were not getting the kind of user data they needed to inform the product roadmap. Easy wanted to monitor app analytics in aggregate due to its vast user base and the corresponding data, so they could prioritize which usability issues to tackle first.

As the app’s popularity grew, Easy began to encounter problems with the app not always allowing users to book rides. Approximately 20% of their user base was affected, which was costing Easy both revenue as well as degrading the user experience for these affected users. The issue was critical to fix, but they couldn’t easily identify its source. Meanwhile, the issue was putting a strain on their call center. Easy needed to provide a stable app that was bug free to ensure its continued growth.


Easy chose to use Fabric's platform to manage crash reporting, analytics and user authentication.

"The suite of Fabric components was a clear choice for us. Not only were we able to significantly ease user authentication with Digits, we learned more about our customers through Answers and have built a more performant app thanks to Crashlytics," noted Juliano Martinez, Global Product Manager at Easy.

Easy began by implementing Fabric’s Crashlytics into its Android and iOS apps. Crashlytics gives a snapshot of the app’s health and also allows developers to drill into any potential issues to quickly and efficiently resolve them. Crashlytics was key for maintaining uptime and resolving any performance issues before they became crippling.

Next, Easy implemented Fabric’s Answers, which provides an overview of an app’s critical performance metrics. It can be customized to show detailed growth and engagement indicators, giving teams a snapshot of the app’s health with the ability to drill down into granular data to learn more. Using the combined power of Fabric’s analytics and stability solutions, Easy was able to help identify the critical bug that was preventing users from booking rides.

With crash reporting and analytics in place, Easy installed Digits, Fabric’s user authentication component. Unlike traditional email and password authentication, Digits uses the phone number of the user to authenticate their session. Digits provided the solution to Easy’s expensive and cumbersome SMS validation.


Using Fabric, Easy was able to solve its challenges around user authentication, app stability and improved analytics.

Through Crashlytics, Easy was able to improve app stability. Answers allowed the company to identify the issue affecting 20% of the user base that was unable to book rides. Armed with that information they were able to fix the underlying issue and the number of cases reported at the company’s call center reduced drastically.

Thanks to Digits, cases of user fraud were reduced by 80%. Instead of having to negotiate agreements with SMS services in each region served, Digits provided a unified SMS solution which saved Easy $20,000 USD a month.

"Implementing Fabric been a win across the board. Using Fabric has had a positive impact on the daily active users of the Easy app. We’re providing a better experience which keeps people coming back to book rides," Martinez said.