GET statuses/retweets_of_me

Returns the most recent tweets authored by the authenticating user that have been retweeted by others. This timeline is a subset of the user’s GET statuses / user_timeline.

See Working with Timelines for instructions on traversing timelines.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats
Requires authentication?
Yes (user context only)
Rate limited?
Requests / 15-min window (user auth)


count optional

Specifies the number of records to retrieve. Must be less than or equal to 100. If omitted, 20 will be assumed.

Example Values: 5

since_id optional

Returns results with an ID greater than (that is, more recent than) the specified ID. There are limits to the number of Tweets which can be accessed through the API. If the limit of Tweets has occured since the since_id, the since_id will be forced to the oldest ID available.

Example Values: 12345

max_id optional

Returns results with an ID less than (that is, older than) or equal to the specified ID.

Example Values: 54321

trim_user optional

When set to either true, t or 1, each tweet returned in a timeline will include a user object including only the status authors numerical ID. Omit this parameter to receive the complete user object.

Example Values: true

include_entities optional

The tweet entities node will not be included when set to false.

Example Values: false

include_user_entities optional

The user entities node will not be included when set to false.

Example Values: false

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Example Request


Example Result

    "coordinates": null,
    "truncated": false,
    "favorited": false,
    "created_at": "Fri Oct 19 15:51:49 +0000 2012",
    "id_str": "259320959964680192",
    "entities": {
      "urls": [

      "hashtags": [

      "user_mentions": [

    "in_reply_to_user_id_str": null,
    "contributors": null,
    "text": "It's bring your migraine to work day today!",
    "in_reply_to_status_id_str": null,
    "id": 259320959964680192,
    "retweet_count": 1,
    "geo": null,
    "retweeted": false,
    "in_reply_to_user_id": null,
    "source": "YoruFukurou",
    "user": {
      "name": "Taylor Singletary",
      "profile_sidebar_fill_color": "FBFBFB",
      "profile_background_tile": false,
      "profile_sidebar_border_color": "000000",
      "location": "San Francisco, CA",
      "profile_image_url": "",
      "created_at": "Wed Mar 07 22:23:19 +0000 2007",
      "profile_link_color": "CC1442",
      "is_translator": false,
      "id_str": "819797",
      "follow_request_sent": false,
      "entities": {
        "url": {
          "urls": [
              "expanded_url": "",
              "url": "",
              "indices": [
              "display_url": "…"
        "description": {
          "urls": [

      "favourites_count": 17094,
      "url": "",
      "contributors_enabled": false,
      "default_profile": false,
      "profile_image_url_https": "",
      "profile_banner_url": "",
      "utc_offset": -28800,
      "id": 819797,
      "profile_use_background_image": false,
      "listed_count": 351,
      "followers_count": 7701,
      "profile_text_color": "D20909",
      "protected": false,
      "lang": "en",
      "geo_enabled": true,
      "time_zone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)",
      "notifications": false,
      "profile_background_color": "6B0F0F",
      "description": "Reality Technician, Twitter API team, synth enthusiast. A most excellent adventure in timelines. Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see.",
      "verified": false,
      "profile_background_image_url_https": "",
      "friends_count": 5549,
      "default_profile_image": false,
      "profile_background_image_url": "",
      "statuses_count": 18626,
      "screen_name": "episod",
      "following": false
    "place": null,
    "in_reply_to_screen_name": null,
    "in_reply_to_status_id": null