People use Twitter for customer service every day.


80% of customer service requests on social media happen on Twitter


Over the last 2 years, there has been a 2.5X increase in Tweets to brands and their customer service handles


The cost per resolution via Tweets is 1/6th that of resolving through call centers

Engaging with your customers on Twitter will increase customer satisfaction and decrease overall support costs.

Knowing who your customers are is essential to providing great customer service. It enables you to answer questions faster and provide a personalized, delightful experience.

Use Twitter Kit to link a customer's Twitter credentials to their account with your company.

Now, when they make a request on Twitter, you'll know exactly who they are so that you can provide deeply relevant, personalized service.


Using social data in concert with internal customer data enables you to obtain rich context about your customers. Customer service agents will gain immediate insight into who a customer is, which enables them to provide personalized service and moments of delight.

Enable Single-Tweet Resolutions:

Customer Service on Twitter is:

Essential. Your customers expect it, and you need to provide it.

Cost-Effective. You will save money by using Twitter as a customer service channel.

Effective. When you resolve an issue via Twitter, your customers will thank you... publicly.