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People come to Twitter to share their ideas and information, instantly, without barriers. With the world's news and information happening in real-time, it can be a challenge to engage with your audience and surface the information that matters most.

Our robust ecosystem of storytelling tools helps you leverage the power of Twitter's content to tell stories that are compelling to your audience.

Whether you want to showcase a single Tweet, or tell a story with lots of Tweets, we'll give you an array of rich, responsive ways to showcase that content in your app or site.

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Light up your apps and sites with compelling content. Only available from Twitter.

With so much rich content on Twitter, it can be daunting to find the best Tweets to tell your story. With our storytelling tools, you can easily find the best Tweets, organize them into stories that you control, and publish them on your sites and apps.

Seamlessly collect groups of Tweets into a single embeddable entity. You control the content you create, including the order in which Tweets appear.

Supported by top publishing tools you already use.

Leverage our vibrant ecosystem of tools, including TweetDeck, to help you seamlessly find, curate and manage collections of Tweets.

TweetDeck: Create lists or use advanced search to find the best Tweets.

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Moments powers rich storytelling inside the Twitter app on iOS and Android.

An embedded Moment brings the best stories highlighted in Tweets into your article or website.

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