API Status

As of 17:25 UTC (11:25 AM Pacific) on January 14, 2014, api.twitter.com requires SSL/TLS for all connections. More information: Restricting api.twitter.com to SSL/TLS traffic

Recently closed issues

ID Summary Status Last update
#1486 Intermittent 226 Error sending DM (This request looks like it might be automated...) Closed 4 days 20 hours
ETA: Unknown
#861 Api doesn't work! Closed 2 weeks 2 days
ETA: Unknown
#845 twiiet keeps coming up something is technically wrong we will be back to normal soon Closed 2 weeks 2 days
ETA: Unknown
#1593 Impossible to update client application records on apps.twitter.com Closed 4 weeks 1 day
ETA: Within a week
#1587 401s on add_user for site streams. Closed 5 weeks 2 days
ETA: Unknown