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Builder(Context) - Constructor for class
Builder(Context) - Constructor for class
Initializes a new TweetComposer.Builder

C - package - package
ComposerActivity - Class in
ComposerActivity() - Constructor for class
ComposerActivity.Builder - Class in
ComposerView - Class in
ComposerView(Context) - Constructor for class
ComposerView(Context, AttributeSet) - Constructor for class
ComposerView(Context, AttributeSet, int) - Constructor for class
createIntent() - Method in class
createIntent() - Method in class
Creates Intent based on data in TweetComposer.Builder


darkTheme() - Method in class


EXTRA_RETRY_INTENT - Static variable in class
EXTRA_TWEET_ID - Static variable in class


getIdentifier() - Method in class
getInstance() - Static method in class
getVersion() - Method in class


hashtags(String...) - Method in class


image(Uri) - Method in class
image(Uri) - Method in class
Sets Image Uri for the Tweet.


ObservableScrollView - Class in
ObservableScrollView(Context) - Constructor for class
ObservableScrollView(Context, AttributeSet) - Constructor for class
ObservableScrollView(Context, AttributeSet, int) - Constructor for class
ObservableScrollView(Context, AttributeSet, int, int) - Constructor for class
ObservableScrollView.ScrollViewListener - Interface in
onBackPressed() - Method in class
onCreate(Bundle) - Method in class
onFinishInflate() - Method in class
onHandleIntent(Intent) - Method in class
onScrollChanged(int, int, int, int) - Method in class
onScrollChanged(int) - Method in interface


session(TwitterSession) - Method in class
setScrollViewListener(ObservableScrollView.ScrollViewListener) - Method in class
show() - Method in class
Starts the intent created in TweetComposer.Builder.createIntent()


text(String) - Method in class
text(String) - Method in class
Sets Text for Tweet Intent, no length validation is performed
TWEET_COMPOSE_CANCEL - Static variable in class
TweetComposer - Class in
The TweetComposer Kit provides a lightweight mechanism for creating intents to interact with the installed Twitter app or a browser.
TweetComposer.Builder - Class in
The TweetComposer Builder will use the installed Twitter instance and fall back to a browser
TweetUploadService - Class in
TweetUploadService() - Constructor for class


UPLOAD_FAILURE - Static variable in class
UPLOAD_SUCCESS - Static variable in class
url(URL) - Method in class
Sets URL for Tweet Intent, no length validation is performed
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